Concert Report by Bastian B.
MSG at Rohre, Stuttgart, Germany
May 9, 2006

Added on 05/10/2006

Hi Ritchie,

I hope you're doing good. I went to the Stuttgart gig yesterday and I'd like to share some quick notes.

The most important thing: Michael looked very healthy and was in good spirits! He smiled a lot between songs and took many, many bows as usual. He drank Powerade throughout the concert.

Michael's playing was superb. He was definitely "on". "Rock Bottom" was most excellent. I had goosebumps all over my body! And no matter how I often I listen to the solo of "Only you can rock me", it still blows me away every single time.

Michael played some solos differently this time and added some additional fills. His guitar was all over the place. On "Attack of the Mad Axeman" he shredded like I've never seen him before. The solo was very different and extremely fast-paced. Wow!

The Rohre is a rather small venue. There were maybe 400 or 500 people. But the crowd was pretty loud.

The band was tight. It really pays off that they've been playing together for such a long time. Jari has a good voice and seems very nice. He struggled a bit with the verse of "Let it roll". But who doesn't? He still seems somewhat nervous and is no entertainer. But that's what they got Rev for. Rev and Wayne provided great backing vocals throughout the concert. Jari and Wayne teamed up for the "Time after time, in the wings" part of "Attack of the Mad Axeman". Very nice.

Unfortunately, they didn't play "Lost Horizons" which is my favorite MSG song. It was crossed on the setlist. When I asked Michael afterwards if they were planning on playing it at the upcoming gigs, he said probably not because it was too similar to "But I want more" which by the way was very excellent.

Michael signed everything people gave him after the gig. Again, he was very friendly and seemed to enjoy himself.

All in all, it was a great performance. I'm really looking forward to Nurnberg tonight. If MSG and especially Michael can maintain their good form it's gonna be a blast again!


Assault Attack
Are You Ready To Rock
Let It Roll
Dust To Dust
Love Trade
Shadow Lady
Lights Out
Into The Arena
But I Want More
Too Hot To Handle
On and On
Only You Can Rock Me
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
Armed & Ready

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Take care,


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