Concert Report by Bastian B.
MSG at Underground, Cologne, Germany
April 3, 2006
("Rockpalst" TV Series Recording Broadcast in Germany on May 15, 2006)

Added on 05/15/2006

I just finished watching the Rockpalast TV show. They started with mentioning the return of legendary Michael Schenker and then they showed 45 minutes of Doomfoxx which I didn't like at all. So I had to wait until 1.15 a.m. and there were only 45 minutes left for MSG. It all began with an spoken introduction by Michael himself. The TV guys didn't show the songs in the same order as the band played them. The running order looked like this:

Ready to Rock
Love Trade
Shadow Lady
Lights Out
Interview with Michael
Dust to Dust
Only you can rock me
Doctor Doctor
Interview with Michael
Rock Bottom

They left out "Assault Attack", "Let it roll", "Into the Arena" and "Attack of the Mad Axeman" which the band played according to Rev's setlist. Michael's playing was at least as superb as at the two gigs I have seen on this tour. Probably even a bit better. The guitar work on "Love Trade" was just sensational. Unbelievable! And the last part of the "Rock Bottom" solo left my mouth wide open. The camera work was pretty good and the director managed to focus on Michael most of the time. As expected, they cut away from him during some solos to show Pete or Rev, but it wasn't bad at all and much better than the "World Wide Live" DVD. I hope that the whole show will be out on DVD one day.
Some things Michael mentioned during the interview:
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