Concert Report by Bastian B.
MSG at Hirsch, Nuremberg, Germany
May 10, 2006

Added on 05/15/2006

The Nurnberg gig was as good as the one in Stuttgart. Michael played very, very well again and was happy. The setlist was the same and there were about 400 people again. The band enjoyed themselves. Michael and Rev poked fun at Jari because he read his introduction from a sheet that was taped to the floor. And while the poor guy was struggling with the words, Michael and Rev shared some good-natured laughs. There were also several lyric sheets taped to the floor to help Jari get through the songs. But it didn't bother me at all because his singing was good again.

My personal highlights were "Rock Bottom", "Assault Attack", "Let it roll" and "Attack of the Mad Axeman". Michael's tone was outstanding. Michael had to sign a lot more autographs than the day before. But he fulfilled all requests and had a smile for everybody. Another great day for me and for MSG.

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