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Updated on 08/30/2015

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[08/30/15 update]
Axes & Anchors Cruise Line Up: Here's the information from Michael Schenker's official website.
We are proud to announce a special line up with be joining MICHAEL SCHENKER for the Axes & Anchors Cruise, which sets sail 24th Feb 2016.
The band will be showcasing Michael's music spanning his much revered career to date.

David Van Landing - Vocals
Wayne Findlay - Keyboard / 7 string guitar
Rev Jones - Bass
Pete Holmes - Drums

More info here - http://axesandanchors.com/
[08/25/15 update]
David Van Landing with Michael Schenker on a Cruise: David Van Landing announced on his facebook that he committed to front MSG for the "Axes & Anchors Cruise" in February 2016. (cf. 05/23/15 update No.2)

[08/14/15 update]
Guitar Player Magazine Interview: The latest issue (September) of Guitar Player has an interview with Michael Schenker.

[08/12/15 update]
Alcatraz Metal Fest Photos: Karin has kindly shared the photos she took at the the Alcatraz Metal Fest. Thanks, Karin!!

[08/11/15 update]
Alcatraz Metal Fest Review/Photos: Henk has kindly sent me his review and photos of the Alcatraz Metal Fest. Thanks, Henk!!

[08/10/15 update No.2]
Alcatraz Metal Fest Review: Hans has kindly shared his review of the Alcatraz Metal Fest. Thanks, Hans!!

[08/10/15 update]
Alcatraz Metal Fest Professional Photos: Professional photos of Temple of Rock performing at the Alcatraz Metal Festival which took place on August 8 in Belgium can be found on the following sites. Thanks, Hans!!



[08/06/15 update]
Rock of Ages Festival Review/Photos: Olga has additionally sent me her review and photos of Temple of Rock's performance at the Rock of Ages festival. Thanks, Olga!!!

[08/05/15 update No.2]
Rock of Ages Festival Video: Olga has kindly sent me the video of Temple of Rock's performance at the Rock of Ages festival with Graham Bonnet as a special guest which took place on August 1. Thanks, Olga!!!

[08/05/15 update]
Burrn! Magazine Article: The latest issue (September) of the Burrn! magazine has a special article consisting of 3-page concert report of Temple of Rock's Tokyo show, 2-page Michael Schenker interview and 2-page Francis and Herman interview. Thanks, Mak and ryo!!

[08/04/15 update]
Player Magazine Article: The latest issue (September) of the Player magazine has a concert report of Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock Tokyo show on June 17. Thanks, Mak!!

[07/29/15 update]
Michael Schenker with Graham Bonnet Again: Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock will be heading the Rock of Ages Festival to be held on August 1, 2015 in Germany, bringing a very special guest along: Graham Bonnet who will join them for two songs.

Sat 08/01/15 Rottenberg/Seebronn Fetplatz, Germany Rock Of Ages Festival venue ad

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[07/15/15 update]
Guitar Magazine Article: The latest edition of the Japanese Guitar Magazine has a 4-page article consisting of an interview with Michael Schenker regarding the gear and pick that he uses and an analysis of the gear. Thanks, Mak!!

[07/10/15 update]
Young Guitar Article: The latest edition (August 2015) of Young Guitar magazine has a 4-page article consisting of a review of Temple of Rock's Tokyo show and an interview with Michael Schenker. Michael revealed that the Dean Chrome V and the Hollow-body V he played during the Tokyo shows are the ones he borrowed from his fan at Meet & Greet. Thanks, Mak!!

[07/05/15 update]
Michael Schenker New Interview (in German): A new interview with Michael Schenker conducted by WDR (RockPalast), a German media has been posted on YouTube. It's in German but Jigal has kindly sent me the synopsis. Thanks, Jigal!!

(Synopsis by Jigal Beez)First time he held a guitar was after his brother Rudolf got one as a birthday present. He was fascinated by creating sounds playing a single string. He started his first band with 11 years. It was put together for him by Rudolf in Sarstedt (Schenker hometown near Hannover). His first gig was as a eleven year old in a town called Elze in a club called Twist-Tenne. He found friends and musicians with the same interest in Hannover but due to lack of management or structures that supported rock music he felt that Germany was underdeveloped. Disco music was popular but rock only on underground level. With fourteen he discovered Sabbath and Led Zep and entered into the little German Rock scene but only 2 ? years later he left for England because that's where the music came from.
Lonesome Crow was produced within a week by Conny Plank. But he cannot tell what Conny Plank actually did as he only focussed on his guitarplaying. He wrote the songs and was only interested in hin solos whereas Klaus wrote the lyrics. He is not sure if there are psychedelic influences on that record. At that time he visited many festivals to ?hunt guitarists“. He wanted to see how they were playing. I saw many different styles but with 17 he wanted to develop his own style from within and stopped listening to others.
From his first Scorpions period he only remembers permanent touring which he enjoyed a lot. He didn't care if they had food or not but liked riding on the bus and playing gigs. Setting up the amps and PA on their own was hard work as their PA was big with over 20 Speakers. On the bus they sang beatles songs. And wrote new own songs which was fun. He was ready to leave the Scorpions for any English band. They knew about it and had a successor for him: Uli Jon Roth who was born only a few villages away from their own little town and has the same star/zodiac sign as Michael. So Michael feels the change was meant to be. In England he could give in the 1970s his musical contribution to the world which was later in the 1980s used by other bands. Rudolf followed Michaels steps musicially and geographially expanding the Scorpions to England and the US but Rudolf wraped the product nicer, simplified it for mass consumption and sold it better. That was a different step of development in the 80s founded on Michael's 70s contribution.
What Michael is currently doing is revisiting his past with temple of rock. So he is knitting together the web of history using the strings from the 70s ad 80s or as he put it like a cow, a ruminant, he is chewing again the old grass to digest and understand it better. It is a closed circle. Nowadays he can consciously enjoy what he had created unconsciously in the past.
He actually got a phone call once to audition for the Rolling Stones, just after he had joined UFO. But he felt insecure as Brian Jones had just died and he saw in magazines pictures where the Stones were checked for lice. As he was shy and fragile he felt this offer was too far fetched after discussing with Rudolf.
Question ?What is the magic of the flying V“ Answer: ?Nothing“ It became a Schenker brothers icon just because he liked it and developed on it.
By rejoining the Scorpions for lovedrive he was the dooropener for the american market. But then he wanted to experiment. The 80s were the start of his expermintation stage which ended 2008, when he wanted to be back in the now.
Rudolf and Michaels had no common interests due to their age difference. When Michael started school, Rudolf started work, when Michael finished school Rudolf got married. There is nothing like family chemestry when they share the stage. They only shared their guitar playing for 2 years during the first Scorpions period. That time he felt as a child at home being together with Rudolf. Otherwise they were seperated as they played in different bands. He didn't enjoy being the little one and lagging behind Rudolf in everything. He always knew what he wanted and didn't like the older ones in the band telling him what to do. Though according to Chinese zodic signs horse (Rudolf) and rat (Michael, Uli Roth, Matthias Jabs) the age difference sparks creativity. Rudolfs contribution the the temple of rock album was part of the MS career summery in which many musicians of Michaels musical past participated.
Q: You are sixty now. What do you want to do the next 60 years“ A: Playing guitar, looking for new sparks, colours of music.
Q Kirk Hammet is a big fan of yours and enjoyed sharing the stage with you. Are you also a fan of someone you liked to share the stage with? A: Jimmy Page and Led Zep as band, Jon Bonham is my favorite musician. Leslie West, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton. But he believes forst of all in self expression and not in copying idols.
[07/02/15 update]
Temple of Rock Ourense Festival Photos: Pablo has kindly shared the photos and video of Temple of Rock's performance at the Derramerock Festival which took place in Ourense, Spain on June 27. Thanks, Pablo!!

[07/01/15 update]
Temple of Rock Japan Tour Diary: Takako has kindly sent me her diary of Temple of Rock's Japan tour 2015. Thanks, Takako!!

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