Concert Report
by Alan Walsh

- MSG -
at Dublin-Glasgow-Manchester-Birmingham
May 14th-17th, 1998

Added on 05/19/1998
Updated on 05/23/1998

I've been to all the gigs so far, but tonight (Monday the 18th) there is no gig. However, the tour resumes tommorrow (Tuesday the 19th) at Wembley Arena.

I feel I should make a few comments about the tour, to 'put the record straight'. I realise that everybody has there own opinion, but for the life in me I fail to see that Michael was 'outshone' by Roth and Satriani in Dublin. (Refer to Frank's comment.) I will say that Michael's guitar was very low in the mix (that night) during the jam. In Glasgow (the following night) it was exactly the same and questions were being asked why. Last night (in Birmingham) it was agreed after the show by all concerned that Michael should 'crank it up'. I know this, because I was standing in the corridor backstage when Uli, Joe and others were discussing it, immediately after the jam.

I was issued with a laminate 'access all areas' tour pass in Dublin and I've been with Gary most of the time. I've also spoken to Michael numerous times and he is very happy. At the Glasgow gig (after the first number in the jam) some of the crowd were chanting 'Schenker', 'Schenker' repeatedly while Satriani was introducing the next song. It was great to hear! Last night at Birmingham, Schenker absolutely wiped the floor with all concerned. He was brilliant. The best I've seen him play for years. He played like a man possessed (he probably was) Last night, he buried them.

And what of Gary Barden? He has been unbelievable at every gig, but at Birmingham he was truly fantastic! Every night when Gary has been introduced sections of the crowd have gone 'nuts' and how he's delivered.

I've also spent a lot of time with Shane, Jeff, Seth and David (the members of MSG) and they are extremely pleasant, welcoming and talented people. They also have incredible respect for Gary and have said that playing with him live is something they never thought would happen. Also at Manchester (Saturday the 16th), Shane gave my 14-year-old nephew a 1hr drum lesson in MSG's dressing room. What a gentleman. I then took Richard and his father (my brother) to Michael's dressing room, where Michael signed a poster and posed for a photo with them. A true gentleman.

One piece of information I can advance to you is, there will be no more UFO projects involving Michael in the forseeable future.

Here's the set list:

		In Search of Peace of Mind
		Assault Attack
		Another Piece of Meat
		Into the Arena
		Let it Roll
		Captain Nemo
		Written in the sand
		Lost Horizons
		Attack of the Mad Axeman
		Bijou Pleasurette
		Positive Forward
		Armed and Ready

		No encore

[Addendum] Ritchie, please thank Mr McDonnel for his explanation regarding Dublin. I can inform you that Michael is aware that he has not been prominent in the mix during the jam. This has been a problem since Dublin and Michael is in the process of getting it 'sorted'. I know this, because he said so last night in Cardiff. So if Michael was seemingly 'outshone' in the jam, then maybe it was due to outside factors such as the sound.

To be honest, Michael is not one for interacting on stage with anybody and people who've seen him with UFO and MSG over the past few months will testify to this. When Brian May came on for the jam at Wembley, Michael still continued to do 'his thing'. Even when Brian went over to Michael and bent down in front of him, Michael did not interact. That is Michael! He wants his space and he doesn't invade anybody else's.

I will say that I spent a lot of time with Michael and Gary. I also spent a lot of time with the other members of MSG and they are truly wonderful people. They all had a lot of respect for Gary and there was a real feeling of true friendship amongst the group. Many permanent friendships were forged, non more so than Gary and David (Van Landing) They have total respect for each other. As for Michael, he is happier now than he's been in a long time.

Thank you for your contribution, Alan!

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