Concert Report
by Frank McDonnell

- MSG -
at Dublin Spot, Ireland
May 14th, 1998

Added on 05/16/1998
Updated on 05/22/1998

I was very dissapointed by Michael's actions in japan. I have seen UFO twice on the Walk On Water tour in Paris and London and I have seen it coming on to May 14th show. It was very good. 'Assault attack' and 'Lost Horizons' were mindblowing. Ggary Barden was brillant and looked great. He sang 'Lost Horizens', 'Attack of the Mad Axeman' and 'Armed and Ready'. You may wonder why he does not do the whole set and not David Van Landing. The unplugged set was unusal; The bass player and drummer sat on stools playing acoustics while Michael stood beside them playing his black and white Flying V which he played all night. Got to say hi to Leon Lawson, never got to chat though got to chat to Michael after show he was in good spirits and he told me he did not know whether he was going to make another ufo record the Michael Schenker Story Live was doing good buisness and michael signed after the show. The only down side for me was that there was only one UFO song ('Let It Roll') plus he was outdone in the finale by Uli and Satch. I would have liked for MSG to have played for 2 hours they played for one hour approx.

[Addendum] After reading Alan Walsh's review, I feel I must comment when I said that michael was outshone by Satch and Uli, I meant in the jam and not the whole show. MSG were by far the best band on the bill. Their one hour set was fantastic. Going back to the jam, Michael's sound was very low and he kept staring at the ground as if this was not his cup of tea where Uli and Satch were very fluent. I think on a personal note Michael prefers playing stuff he's been associated with in the past. Michael is playing really good now with MSG and I hope he makes another studio album with Gary Barden. I will never understand why Michael let so many people down on the UFO tour and why we should accept it. Also the 15 people who travelled with me to the gig in Dublin had all the same opinion as me. So it was not the view of one person.

Thank you for your contribution, Frank!

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