Concert Report by R.B.Araki
MSG at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan
March 30, 2012
Added on 03/30/2012

01. Into the Arena
02. Armed And Ready
03. Love Drive
04. Another Piece of Meat
05. On And On
06. Hangin' On
07. Shoot Shoot
08. Too Hot To Handle
09. Love to Love
10. Let It Roll
11. Natural Thing
12. Lights Out
13. Rock You Like A Hurricane
14. Rock Bottom
15. Blackout
16. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker : Lead Guitar
Herman Rarebell : Drums
Michael Voss : Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Elliott Rubinson: Bass
Wayne Findlay: Keyboards/Guitars

The show was even better than last night as a whole except for Hangin' On which made me a little bit confused tonight. Sound balance was better at least at where I was. The setlist was same but only difference was that they did not have a break after Lights Out unlike last night. Michael Schenker was on fire again. He interacted with the audience a lot and sang with them for many parts. My personal highlight tonight was Too Hot To Handle. Michael's lead play was miracle and perfect. He was actually running on the stage when he came back for encore. I have never seen anything like that before. He took pictures of the audience with a digital camera at the ending of Rock Bottom. That was also a rare scene.

Herman Rarebell was different from last night (maybe because I looked at stage from a differect angle). He was smiling all the time and seemed to have fun. What a presence he has!!! He played the drums so easlily but his presence got attention of the audience. I sometimes found myself focusig on him. Yes, as Michael Voss said, he is one and only.

Other band mantes did also a fantastic job. On Narutal Thing, Wayne played keyboards with his right hand and at the same time played guitar with his left hand without picking. How many people could do that!!

The hall with the capacity of over 2000 people was fully packed. They all were satisfied but the show was so good that they including me wanted more!!

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