Concert Report by R.B.Araki
MSG at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan
March 29, 2012
Added on 03/29/2012

01. Into the Arena
02. Armed And Ready
03. Love Drive
04. Another Piece of Meat
05. On And On
06. Hangin' On
07. Shoot Shoot
08. Too Hot To Handle
09. Love to Love
10. Let It Roll
11. Natural Thing
12. Lights Out
13. Rock You Like A Hurricane
14. Rock Bottom
15. Blackout
16. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker : Lead Guitar
Herman Rarebell : Drums
Michael Voss : Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Elliott Rubinson: Bass
Wayne Findlay: Keyboards/Guitars

Just got back home from the first night of MSG Tokyo shows. What a great show!! They started the gig with Into The Arena. Michael used his black and white Dean V. Amazing tone. So clear that I was immediately blown away. He changed the axe almost every three songs. He smiled all the time and I have never seen him moving so much on stage. It was so apparent he was in a good mood. His playing was totally flawless.

Herman Rarebell. Well how should I describe him? He did 'matured' performance. He didn't play too aggressively but he just played adequately. To me, his posture is impressive. He sat up straight on his drum stool.

Michael Voss. He sang, played cowbell and percussion on some of the songs. And, he played guitar on the Scorpions materials. Multi-talented!! He sometimes changed the melodies for high-tone parts, but maybe he had to save energy. As an encore, he sang Blackout very well. He definitely 'can sing' as Randy Jackson always says.

Elliott "Dean" Rubinson. I found he is really a good bass player. Especially I like his rendition of Rock Bottom. Cool play! I was so glad I could finally meet him. As a person, he is as good as he always is online.

Last but definitely NOT the least. Wayne, my bro. Wayne is Wayne. No MSG without him. Everyone loves his performance. Actually not a few audience screamed his name. Especially he and Elliott are a very good combination. We enjoyed their interaction very much.

Look forward to the second night in Tokyo tomorrow.

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