Concert Report by Rich
MSG at The Pitz Club (Woughton Center), Milton Keynes, U.K.
December 21, 2009
Added on 12/23/2009

Hello again Ritchie

Thanks for posting those pics up on the review. I took the opportunity to see Michael again last night in Milton Keynes. It was snowing heavily but I was glad I made the effort. It's great to see Michael back on the top of his game again. The setlist was the same as at JBs;

Ride On My Way
Cry For The Nations
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Armed And Ready

Ready To Rock
I Want You
Night To Remember
Into The Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away
On And On
Attack of the Mad Axeman

encore 1

Dance Lady Gypsy
Rock Bottom

encore 2

Doctor, Doctor

Again, I took some pictures which I think I prefer to the JB ones. Again they are in the archive page of

Keep up the good work



Concert Report by Martin
MSG at The Pitz Club (Woughton Center), Milton Keynes, U.K.
December 21, 2009
Added on 12/25/2009

Hi Ritchie,

Thought I would send you a message regarding my thoughts on this show.

Firstly, the positive, the MSG set was excellent, as has been said elsewhere, Michael is playing better than ever, it's great to see Gary Barden back with Michael as well, they compliment each other. Having Chris Glenn back in the band was something I also enjoyed. Sound at the show I thought was superb, the band seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage which was also nice to see, lots of interaction. Set list I enjoyed and hearing gOn and Onh again made the night for me.

Can I also compliment the two support acts for making it such a good night, I thoughth Machine gcame over well being a local band, in terms of the main support gFury UKh, I have to say I was really impressed by this band, I think they have a big future and enjoyed their set even though it was short, so much I bought their album gVRh from the merchandising person, and it really does sound good.

I do have to finish with a negative though, and was disappointed with Michael's response when I approached him for his signature after he had completed the soundcheck, being waved aside with the comment gNa Dah, did not go down well with me. I was the only person there at the time, had arrived 2 hours before the show hoping to get the new album sleeve signed ( which Gary had done without any problem ), and to be treated in that way has left a very sour taste in my mouth. As was commented elsewhere, I travelled down to Milton Keynes from Leicester for the show, in heavy snow, and a little bit of respect on Michael's side might have been nice. I still paid good money to see Michael during gthe dark timesh, particularly being at The Rock and Blues shambles, so this would have been a nice touch. I was looking at the London show next June, I am a big fan of Michael's, I am currently learning to play the guitar and have been a frustrated guitar player for 30 years, and bought a Schenker Dean copy to play, you can imagine how I feel when I now look at this. I hope my thoughts change for June, but at the moment cannot see myself attending as I feel that Michael does not really give a damn about his fans. I saw him first in early 80's and have been a fan ever since.

That's it Ritchie, I have had my say, sorry to finish on a downer.

Have a good xmas and new year, keep up the good work.


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