Concert Report by Paul
MSG at JB's, Dudley, U.K.
December 18, 2009
Added on 12/19/2009

Hi Ritchie,

Just got back from the Dudley gig and what can i say ?

I had seen the gig in Wales in September and so had seen Gary Barden in the 'new' MSG. I thought that gig was great but this was something else.

I've seen Michael quite a few times now but tonight the show really really was outstanding.

The set list was the same as previous gigs but I particularly felt that the 2 records off 'In the Midst of Beauty' really came alive tonight and earned their place in the set list.

The band looked relaxed and enjoying themselves and it was great to see Chris Slade pounding on the drums.

I know that the Line Up will change by the time it gets to Japan, but Ritchie, you will all be in for a real treat.

Best Wishes and thanks for keeping us going with your great site.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you and fellow fans out there throughout the world.

Paul Standley

Concert Report by Teesside Spider
MSG at JB's, Dudley, U.K.
December 18, 2009
Added on 12/20/2009

Hi Ritchie,

Just got back from the MSG gig at JB's in Dudley. I can only echo the thoughts of previous reviews with regard to this tour. The band from the off looked like they were having fun with Michaels guitar playing, sublime at times. He made it look easy. He played with passion and feeling with every note played from the heart and soul. Banished to the memories vault are those dark days, when I must admit, I wondered if I would ever see this genius play this well again. I had been to see the legend that is 'Peter Green' on Wednesday evening and left somewhat deflated, I hoped that Mr Schenker and band would leave me on a high.

With this in mind, I dug out my 1981 'On The Rack' tour shirt and managed to squeeze it over a body that is now a lot larger than it was in '81'!!

I had all ready caught him on tour a couple of times this year, so for me there was never any fear of him not turning up. I think past experience had left many unsure and consequently the venue was not full. Those of us that did turn up were treated to a very special evening of guitar virtuoso. It wasnft long before the majority of the audience had turned their beer cans and drink glasses into imaginary flying 'V's. The only slight criticism, was that the mix was a little quiet for some of Michaels lead work and was drowned out by the vocals and bass in a couple of numbers, notably 'Rock my Nights Away' and 'Lost Horizons'. The audience were in good voice for the anthems, particularly the encores, 'Rock Bottom' and 'Doctor, Doctor', wound up by the very capable Mr Barden and spurned on by the very watchable engine room of Chris Glen, Wayne Findlay and Chris Slade. The highlights for me were 'Into The Arena' and 'The Attack of The Mad Axmen' with Schenker's guitar screaming melodically with every note played with 'Gypsy Lady' also well received.

In all a brilliant night was had by all, including the band....Would I urge people to go and see himcmost definitely...when Mr Schenker is on top of his game and playing this well, there is no one out there to touch him.

Teesside Spider


Concert Report by Rob Knowles
MSG at JB's, Dudley, U.K.
December 18, 2009
Added on 12/20/2009

Hi Ritchie

Keep going with your fantastic site, mate!

I just thought I'd send you my reaction to MSG's Dudley gig.

I left the Dudley gig last night wishing that I'd studied English literature instead of philosophical theology so that I could find better words to praise Michael Schenker with. Then again, maybe biblical terms are the only ones that suffice when it comes to describing Michael sometimes....

...The set-list combined 4 tracks from "The Michael Schenker Group" (Armed and Ready, Into the Arena, Cry to the Nations, and Lost Horizons), four tracks from "MSG" (Are You ready to Rock, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, On and On, and Attack of the Mad Axeman), one from "Built to Destroy" (Rock My Nights Away), three from "In the Midst of Beauty" (Ride On My Way, I Want You, and Night to Remember), two UFO classics from "Phenomenon" (Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor), and one from "Gypsy Lady" (Dance Lady Gipsy)....

...It would be a gross understatement that lacked all emotive content simply to say that Michael was "on form" last night. Michael's guitar sounded more like a merciless overwhelming bombardment on some surrealist Nephilim battle-field than noises made by a mere mortal. He makes other rock bands sound like fairies singing nursary rhymes. To even compare him with other rock bands is like comparing a Panza tank blitzkrieg with a bunch of fluttering pansies....

...The band line-up last night was: Michael, Gary, Wayne, Chris Slade, and Chris Glen. This is my favorite MSG line-up as there seems to be much good humour and maturity, which is very good for Michael. Gary must have the world's largest catalogue of rock-poses, which only he could pull off convincingly. Wayne looks cool - imagine the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street wearing shades and you'll get the picture. Chris Glen is in constant communication with the audience in a humourous understated way with a kind of facial sign-language that constantly makes comical observations about the band. Chris Slade is a very welcome addition to this line-up....

....Come on chaps, let's tell it how it really is. When Michael is "on form" as they say, he produces levels of deep-down primal excitement that anthropologists would struggle to categorize. Is it just me, or is Michael the only player that really understands guitar-tone? In a world of overly-feminine shredders mincing away like simean onanists on over-processed guitars sounding more like a combination of swanny-whistles and stylophones than anything remotely guttsy, Michael towers like a paradigm of sonic masculinity....

...The support acts were Power Quest and Fury UK. Both these bands had their work cut out as the crowd initially held right back away from the stage area at the bar. There was no hanging back when MSG hit the stage, however, and by then the venue was pretty full - I would estimate about 800 persons were present. MSG got a strong reception throught the night with the audience chanting "MSG, MSG, MSG... " rather than the customary "Schenker!" - which I thought showed deserved appreciation for the band....

...And then there's MSG's material. Is it just me, or is most so-called metal these days a mere pastiche - a boundless etcetera of outworn cliche's (speed, ominousness, shred, and growling endlessly repeated) parodying itself? By comparison, Michael's material is pure originality. The man so defines classic rock, that when he dies, classic rock dies. So, come on Schenkerheads, let's give our hero the backing he deserves while we still can...

There we go Ritchie! I thought I'd do my review a little differently - mixing objective observations with more subjective impressions!


Rob Knowles

Concert Photos by Rich
MSG at JB's, Dudley, U.K.
December 18, 2009
Added on 12/20/2009

Full set can be found here: on the archive page

Concert Photos by Mark
MSG at JB's, Dudley, U.K.
December 18, 2009
Added on 08/09/2010


great site, thought you might like to see these photo's


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