Concert Report by Karin
MSG at The Spirit Of 66, Verviers, Belgium
September 13, 2009
Added on 09/17/2009

Hi Ritchie

This is my review of the MSG show in Verviers. At last MSG in Belgium!

This time, I went with my sister who had never seen or heard MSG before. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the venue, the 'Spirit of 66' was already packed with people. The place was completely sold out. We worked our way to the stage, but we were unable to get in front. We realized this was the case because there was no support act, and MSG began playing at 7pm.

But what we saw was quite fantastic. The band was really on fire, I saw a better performance than last year (Uden in Holland). It seemed everybody was enjoying themselves on stage. Gary's voice was very good; he was adding extras in songs at times. Michael also sang along at most of the songs, although we couldn't hear it. It was just great to see the guys in such good shape. This was a real tight band playing and having a good time.

Also, I must compliment Gary on his change of wardrobe. At all previous shows, I saw pictures of him wearing these hideous shirts. And in Verviers, he wore a nice white T-shirt. Much better! But of course, this is the woman in me talking now. Other paparazzi stuff: we were only allowed to take pictures during the first 3 songs. Also making films was forbidden. I donft know if this was the case at the other European shows too, but I took a lot of pictures during those first three songs just to get that one right. The security was really watching us, and I saw this one guy being warned when he took a picture at the end of the show. I couldnft resist and took a quick one during Doctor Doctor.

I think the set list was the same as the other shows, but at the end, the band left only after two encores (Dance Lady Gipsy and Rock Bottom). Everybody wanted to hear Doctor Doctor of course, but the band left the stage, keeping the crowd shouting for more. And ... surprise ... they came back a second time to playc Doctor Doctor.

I didn't get to shake hands with Michael, Wayne most people in front could, nor did I touch the strings of Michael's guitar during the intro of Lost Horizons, like a lot of lucky bastards front row, but who knows what the future brings?

Greetings from Belgium


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