Concert Report & Photos by Peter Mondria
Michael Schenker Group at De Pul, Uden, The Neitherlands
October 23, 2008
Added on 10/24/2008

Hi Ritchie,

Just returned from the first MSG gig in Holland.

A Night I'll Never Forget...
Michael's playing was phenomenally, he looked great and played every solo note perfect.
He had a lot of interaction with the band and walks several times to the other side of the stage, to do some guitarplaying with Wayne.
All the songs were outstanding and the band was on fire also the audience was very responsive.
Gary did a great performance and for me it's a great pleasure to see and hear Gary back in the band after all those years.
One of the best MSG gigs I've ever seen!!!

SETLIST De Pul - Uden
Ride On My Way
Cry For The Nations
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Armed And Ready
Ready To Rock
I Want You
A Night To Remember
Into The Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away
On And On
Attack Of The Mad Axeman

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom


Concert Report & Photos by Anno & Esther
Michael Schenker Group at De Pul, Uden, The Neitherlands
October 23, 2008
Added on 10/24/2008

he ritchie we,ve took a couple off pictures last night of the msg show in uden the pul netherlands

they done a perfect show last night, i read the review from peter i agree a 100%

regards from anno netherlands

More photos taken by Esther, Anno's wife can be found at:

Concert Report & Photos by John van Stokkum
Michael Schenker Group at De Pul, Uden, The Neitherlands
October 23, 2008
Added on 10/25/2008

Hoi Ritchie,

Here a late concert report of MSG at 23 oktober at the Pul in Uden/Holland.
I completly agree to the concert report of Peter Mondria, the whole Michael Schenker Group was playing excellent !!
I've seen Michael playing live 3 times in 013/Noorderligt Tilburg, 2 concerts with MSG and 1 concert with UFO but this time he really blow the audience away.
During the begin of the concert Wayne Findlay had a bit problems with his guitar, and was now and then of the stage.
Also it seems to me that Wayne during this concert was much more playing guitar then keyboards.
After the show Michael was signing autographs and the setlist (which i had taken of the stage), but after 5 minutes he was leaving backstage.
This was a very memorable concert !!!
I have included some pictures i've taken during the concert.

Best wishes,

John van Stokkum

Concert Report & Photos by Karin
Michael Schenker Group at De Pul, Uden, The Neitherlands
October 23, 2008
Added on 10/27/2008

Hi Ritchie

After two days, I've recovered from the show in Uden on Thursday and here is my review as promised.
It was the first time ever that I saw the Michael Schenker Group (with Gary) play live, since I was too young in the eighties to go to gigs (according to my parents that is).
And I have to say that what I saw in Uden was beyond expectation.
I expected a big venue, but 'de Pul' was a small club, so I could be close to the stage. I was lucky to have only a couple of small Dutch people (mostly women) standing in front of me, and not the tall ones. Of course, I chose to be on the right hand side, to have a good look at all the moves of Mr. Schenker himself.
I totally agree with what Peter wrote about this night. The band was on fire, the audience very responsive, and it was a real delight to see people, young and less young, having a good time rocking out to the music and enjoying themselves.
There was this little boy (Anno's son I presume) who was carried shoulder high in front of the stage to give Michael a high five. The big smile on his face was priceless!
My impression was that there were more sing-a-longs to the 'old' songs than to those of the new album, but perhaps this was only the case where I was standing... Anyway, the place exploded when the encores started. On 'Doctor Doctor', people started dancing around and I was grabbed by someone to join in. Afterwards, I realised this must have been Esther, and not the head banging guy next to me.
Before the show started, someone said there would be a signing session, so I waited in the bar afterwards to see what would happen. When I finally got my drinks and sat down, I saw some flashes go off at the T-shirt stand. I immediately got up and went over there, but I was too late. The door closed and Michael had already left. So I missed my chance to get my things signed. At that moment, I could shoot myself for being so stupid (and thirsty).
There was no next time for me, as Purmerend (the show on Friday) was too far for me to get there in time. So I have to wait until the band comes to Belgium someday...who knows??

Greetings from Belgium.


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