Concert Report by Scott
MSG at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.
July 17, 2009
Added on 07/19/2009


well saw michael in phoenix, az tonight. this was a concert not a club show. bang tango opened, then l.a. guns. then MSG, dokken co-headlined this show. the show was at the celebrity theater. this is a great venue. i wrote the review for the yucaipa show about a month ago. let me say this. this show was great, even better than the show a month ago. they played for about hour and 10 minutes. rev was not with the band for this show, the owner of dean guitars was on bass. the band was on all night as michael played most of the first 2 albums , and rock my nights away from built to destroy. my brother went to this show with me, has not seen michael for about 6 years. he said what everyone seem to be saying , michael is playing better than he ever has. and i totally agree. hope all of you got a chance to catch the U.S. tour. isnt it great that michael is playing like he is, and completed the tour with no problems. it great to have him back in the groove. i will attach some pics when i get them.

thanks to ritchie for having the web site for all of us michael fans. this is a great place and the only place to get the most current and accurate info on michael

scott wright

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