Concert Report by Scott
MSG at Angels, Yucaipa, CA, U.S.A.
June 13, 2009
Added on 06/15/2009


here is the review and pics as promised, sorry the pics didnt turn out better.

well michael hit stage about 12:30. but the wait was well worth it. i dont think i have seen michale play better. there was a very nice sized crowd. and the club was a great venue for this kinda show. the setlist was the same one i seen posted for the earlier shows. i think michael has gotten real comfortable with the new dean V too. his guitar sounded great. he was smiling alot and seemed to be having alot of fun. his playing was spot on. great to have gary back. overall the show was one of the best MSG shows i have been too. cant wait for next month when he comes to phoenix. we drove over to california from phoenix for this show.

scott wright

Concert Report by Patti
MSG at Angels, Yucaipa, CA, U.S.A.
June 13, 2009
Added on 06/17/2009

It was very difficult to be patient for this show, as MSG did not come on stage at Angel's Roadhouse until around 12:30am. Too many local bands! But finally Pete Holmes made his way back to his drum kit, and then the rest of the guys followed and they began with "Ride on My Way" and didn't let up until the final encore, "Doctor Doctor". I've included a picture I took of the setlist; the only change was that the guys played "Rock Bottom" after "Gypsy Lady" as the two-song first encore and then came back out to finish with "Doctor Doctor".

The band was tight and sounded wonderful, although I have to admit from where I stood (which was directly in front of Michael as you will see from my pics), I couldn't hear Gary's vocals all that well. Michael's guitar came through loud and clear though! LOL He really made his guitar sing all night and it was so cool to be mere inches away from such a guitar legend. Having Gary Barden back singing was icing on the cake, although it was really better than that as I had never seen MSG with Gary before...or at all for that matter. It was a treat to hear "Rock My Nights Away" but I was hoping for at least one more song from Built To Destroy. In the end, it really didn't matter as the setlist was stellar!

It is so comforting at this point to know that Michael is back on stage, and looks (and sounds) great up there again!

Patti Heneghan

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