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Michael Schenker & Friends at U.K. Tour
January 10 to February 23, 2008
Added on 02/24/2008

With the final show in Workington turning out to be yet another breathtaking display (review to follow soon from Mark Curls) I just wanted to add a few extra SITN thank-yous to all the other comments, now that the comeback tour we thought would never happen has successfully been completed.

I only managed to get to a few of the gigs, but thanks to all the fans who've sent in their reports and photos, it feels like we've all been in the front row for every night of the tour. Huge thanks to Ritchie for co-ordinating all this feedback so diligently from half way round the world!

Thanks also to the crew, Mark, Ed, Alan etc., and to Adrian who started the ball rolling last year, when things were looking far less rosy than they look now. Without his faith and foresight we might still be waiting for the proof that Michael was musically back on track - and thanks also to the promoters for taking the risk when it was offered to them. Judging by the full houses I'm guessing that risk paid off and we'll see the next tour hitting bigger venues and reaching more people.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the bandmembers, who have been totally professional no matter what was going on behind the scenes. Not wanting to single any of them out, but for personal reasons a special mention must go to bassplayer Tom Torberg - sincere best wishes, matey - and also to Tom the drummer, who sustained a couple of 'nasty-looking hand injuries' during the tour - but luckily they appeared to be a lot worse than they actually were (Broman, if you're reading this, there's plenty more where those came from!)

Wishing all the guys a safe journey home, a good chill-out rest when you get there, and lots of love and gratitude for giving us 100% and beyond. We are so lucky to have you lot!

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