Concert Report by Steve
Michael Schenker & Friends at Carnegie Hall, Workington, U.K.
February 23, 2008
Added on 02/24/2008


I've just been to see Michaels and friends at Workington on the last leg of their recent tour of UK rock venues.

Last year I feared the worst for Michael . He seemed in a worse state than Amy Winehouse and the Youtube clips and reviews made it another sad chapter in a turbulent career. I wasn't too sure whether to go to the show as it may have been an upsetting experience. You've got to give people a chance though and Michael is such a talent that deserves to be heard.

I'm so glad to say that Michael appeared as fit and healthy as had been reported in Classic Rock, which I just picked up. He sat happily signing people's CDs etc before and after the gig and, though he didn't say much, was friendly, smiling and looking good.

The show itself was great. He played a blistering first half of the set barely pausing between tracks and firing a vicious sequence of catchy riffs and impeccable solos. Midset we got some of the more melodic moments with "But, I Want More" etc and then it was on to more classics from UFO and MSG. The only track I didn't really recognise was Angels of Avalon, but that was great too, not as the title may suggest, a hey-nonny nonny Blackmore's Night kind of thing at all. Schenker was all rock. Superb.

By this stage the normally reserved Cumbrian crowd we all up on their feet. I don't think I've seen so many standing at that venue before, but they all stood for Schenker, to honour a great performance from one of rocks best.

The encore had to be Doctor Doctor, of course, and it was as good as ever. Followed by Rock Bottom we were left feeling very happy. Happy to have been at a great gig and overjoyed to see Schenker fit and healthy again. Schenker's back!

Steve Marshall

Concert Report by John
Michael Schenker & Friends at Carnegie Hall, Workington, U.K.
February 23, 2008
Added on 02/24/2008

Hi there

I totally agree with Steve's thoughts on the gig last night. Michael was superb, I stood there and felt I had been transported back 30 years to when I was a 20 year old at Hammersmith Odeon. I had been playing all my old UFO albums and searching out You Tube for classic clips so I kind of thought I might have been setting myself up for a big letdown but no way, it exceeded all my expectations.

As soon as he hit "Let it Roll" I knew we were in for a real treat and it just kept getting better. "Lights Out", "Only you can Rock Me". The band were fast and tight and his playing was fabulous. Michael was always an awesome talent and the message is - he is still an awesome talent and he is still Michael Schenker. Thanks for playing Cumbria, best gig I have been to in many a long year.

John Sutton.

Concert Report by Brian
Michael Schenker & Friends at Carnegie Hall, Workington, U.K.
February 23, 2008
Added on 02/24/2008

Hi Ritchie, just another review from the last date of the current tour at Workington UK last night.

Having travelled from Scotland to London to see the disappointing show with MSG supporting the Scorpions last year, I was ecstatic with last nights performance. All previous reviews were spot on, and my son Paul and I witnessed a show to remember. Previous set lists apply, (sorry Steve, no Lost Horizons), and the band were superb. Michael played like a star and was moving around more than he has done in recent years, bounding onto stage at the start and smiling loads, clearly having a great show throughout. This morning I am still pinching myself to realise it did happen. Michael is back on top. Positive forward for the new album and tour.

Regards Ritchie
keep up the good work on your site.

Brian Mills.

Concert Report by Paul
Michael Schenker & Friends at Carnegie Hall, Workington, U.K.
February 23, 2008
Added on 02/25/2008

Hi Ritchie

Had the rather dubious pleasure of visiting Workington last night for the final night of the tour. This was my third show having seen the band in Blackpool and Sheffield previously.

We are all in agreement that schenker has been fantastic his playing remarkable. To me the big improvement has been the performances of Leif who I was unsure of following Blackpool and wrote that he was not a long term solution. How wrong I was. His uncertainty at Blackpool has gone and it is to be hoped that Gary Barden will do as well. Lets face it no one can sing the UFO songs except Mr Mogg and if you accept that then Leif has a fine voice in the Paul Rogers mode and I can think of no higher accolade to give a singer than that.

Anybody who has seen these shows cannot doubt the resilience of Schenker. He tirelessly sits through the signing before and after the gig with a fixed grin despite the preference for the bar displayed by most of the locals. He even managed a guitar change near the end without the customary wobbler.

There were people leaving before the encore I wanted to grab them and say you are about to miss the worlds greatest guitarist playing his signature tune what could there possibly be in Workington to drag you away.(certainly not the local pub which gives new meaning to the term hostile welcome) It would have taken the outbreak of WW3 to get me out of there.

It is really sad that all good things must come to an end and no longer do I have to hit google maps to get me to the next obscure club it has been a superb two months for the schenker fans UK roll on the next tour.

Regards and thanks for keeping the faith when many would not

Paul Dunn

Concert Report by Mark
Michael Schenker & Friends at Carnegie Hall, Workington, U.K.
February 23, 2008
Added on 02/25/2008 & 02/28/2008

Last night in Workington was superb. I was sooooo jittery yesterday. I didn't belive it was going to happen until I saw Schenker signing autographs in the foyer before their set.

The Carnegie Theatre holds about 360 people and it was packed to the rafters. Same set as previous gigs, opened with Assault Attack. The band are excellent, I was particularly impressed with the bass player, some tasteful stuff and very different from Rev!

Schenker changed guitars mid-song, Into the Arena I think. To be honest, I wasn't aware of any sound problems but the copious amounts of John Smith's had kicked in by that point!

I took some video and pics, I'll stick the vids on You Tube and send the pics out by

Now going back to nurse my hangover.


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