Concert Report by Bruno
MSG at Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
May 29, 2006

Added on 06/01/2006

I went there with one friend living in France close to the swiss border and we arrived to the venue on the afternoon in order to try to assist to the soundcheck backstage. It was not possible but we were lucky enough to meet Michael and to take some pictures with him. He was friendly and look good and healthy.

The venue is a nice place for this kind of concert, I think around 500 people were there but we had place to move and we were standing in front of Michael (2 meters from him) during all the show. The sound was excellent maybe because we were so close to the group and we could see Michael playing in detail. The setlist was the same as in Paris. During Doctor doctor the singer and the guitarist of Pure Inc came on stage, that was nice and they all enjoyed to be together on stage. It was a great night and after the show Michael was again available for the signing session and to take picture. We saw also Jari and Wayne and we discussed with them, very nice guys.

I attached some pictures taken before, after and during the show.

Keep on rocking

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