Concert Report by Bruno
MSG at Elysee Montmatre, Paris, France
May 22, 2006

Added on 06/01/2006

I went to the show with my brother and with one friend coming from Toulouse. We were very excited before the show.

The venue was pretty full, but not packed, I think between 500 and 800 people. The opening band was Nikki Puppet, and it was a good starter and the singer sometime remind me of Nina Hagen on her voice.

Half an hour after MSG came out on stage. It was really an awesome night, Michael was on fire and enjoyed to be there. The sound was good and the light show was also nice but nothing exceptional. The audience was good and reacted on every songs. The setlist was the same as on the other nights. It was a pleasure to see Michael in good shape. I think the new songs are very good live and for me it would have been better to have more new songs and less old UFO songs. Unfortunatly they didn't play Lost Horizon, one of my favorite MSG songs.

The singer did a good job as the other menbers of MSG.

After the show Michael went to the merchandising for the signing session.

I think for every MS fan it was a fantastic night and we know why Michael is the best.

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