Concert Report by Sven
MSG at Musikzentrum, Hannover, Germany
May 11, 2006
MSG at N8, Osnabruck, Germany
May 12, 2006

Added on 05/14/2006


just a few words about the MSG gigs in Hannover (11.05.) and Osnabrueck (12.05).
Both concerts were great. The band rocks!
Michael is in a very good shape, looks fine and plays excellent.
All songs were killers. Michaels guitar sounds great.
The setlists were the same as in Stuttgart.
Jari sounds live better than on the recording (in my opinion).
I like it. Okay he is no big entertainer such as Coverdale. But who cares.
He is doing a great job and his voice fits good in the songs.

The first solo on "Arachnophobiac" is played by Wayne while Michael only plays the killer rhythm.

In Hannover there were only 300 people in this sleazy venue called Musikzentrum.
It is unbelievable that the show was not sold out. Imagine, Hannover is the hometown of Schenker and the base of the Scorpions.
The legend Michael Schenker is playing there and no one came. Very sad.
But in Germany no one knows Michael and his great work.
His mother watched also the whole gig. Rudolf Schenker was also there.

A day later in Osnabrueck were only 200 people. Crazy. It is shame for the music lovers in Germany.
But it seems that the whole tour is not a big success regarding the visitors. Although the ticket prices are very fair.


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