Concert Report by Christian L.
MSG at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
May 13, 2006

Added on 05/14/2006

I went to the MSG gig in Hamburg yesterday, it was a great show, and the first time for me to see Michael live on stage.

The venue was rather small, I guess there were about 200 people in the audience, but they rocked as hell.

The show started at 20:00 with the support group Nikki Puppet, they played for about 45 minutes. At about 21:15 MSG entered the stage, opening with Assault Attack.

They were truly enjoying themselves, Michael smiled a lot and and it was just great to see him, he really had fun playing. And he was truly on that night.

Jari is really cool, he was smiling and interacting with the audience all the time, Rev and Wayne were having fun, as well.

Wayne played the solo on Arachnophobiac, which was the first song of the encore.

Unfortunately, I cannot completely recall the setlist, but it was mostly old MSG songs, UFO Let it roll, Too hot to handle, Only you can rock me, Doctor Doctor, and the groundshaking Rock Bottom at the end.

Well, and of course tracks from the new album.

After the concert, Michael and the others were hanging out in the lobby, signing things and chatting with the people.

It was a great show !!

Concert Report by Silvia L.
MSG at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
May 13, 2006

Added on 05/23/2006

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