Concert Review by John van Stokkum
UFO at at De Biebob te Vosselaar, Belgium.
May 20, 2005

Added on 05/23/2005


For the second time, as part of their Spring Sting 2005, i saw UFO playing on 20 may in de Biebob te Vosselaar/Belgium and there were about 250 people.
I heard from Battty ( that during the Spring Sting Tour UFO played in small clubs (250-750 people) for the real fans.
The last week of this tour Battty was travelling with the band, and she was at the merchandising desk.

Firstly I had to make a correction, about mine review of 14 may of MC de Bosuil te Weert/Holland.
I wrote that UFO took the stage, after the tape rolled Midnight Train of BB King, but that was not correct, because it was Mannish boy of Muddy Waters.

At 21.30 hour the tape rolled Mannish Boy of Muddy Waters and UFO took the stage. This time the concert was much more better than the one of 14 may because the crowd went mad and the atmosphere was steaming.
Also the band had much more fun (they did definitive not play on the automatic pilot) and they put on a brilliant show.

The setlist was:

After the show the band had to cross the venue to catch their tourbus, and especially Phil Mogg and Pete Way took their time to sign tickets, cd and LP covers and let the fans take pictures of them, apart and with fans.

Hopefully later this year or maybe next year, UFO will tour Europe (especially Holland or Belgium of course) again. One thing is for sure, I will be there !!

Rock on.

John van Stokkum

Concert Review by John van Stokkum
UFO at Music Center, De Bosuil Weert, Holland
May 14, 2005

Added on 05/16/2005


As part of their Spring Sting 2005, UFO were playing on saturday 14 may in Music Center De Bosuil te Weert/Holland. This is a small place and there were about 300 people.

Before UFO took the stage, The Lizards (with Bobby Rondinelli and Frank Diminio) were playing first. Their music sounded a bit like rainbow, especially the vocals sounded like Joe Lynn Turner but unfortunately there guitarist was not as good as Ritchie Blackmore. After the show they came in the venue to sign cd's etc.

At 22.30 hour the tape rolled Midnight Train of BB King and UFO took the stage , and they started with Mother Mary. In the beginning Jason could not hear his monitor, but the problem had been solved when they played let it roll.

Phil was very strong and Vinnie was playing awsome. Jason and big Pete did their good job and Paul was as always the man on the background, playing the keys and guitar. The band put on a great show, even though the venue was not sold out.

Of course I grabbed a setlist for my collection, and I also got a plectrum from Vinnie. I feel lucky that I will see them again on Friday at the Biebob in Vosselaar/Belgium. Rock on.

John van Stokkum

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