Concert Review & Photos by James
MSG at VAULT 350, Long Beach, CA, USA
NAMM "Night of Guitar"
January 20, 2005

Added on 01/22/2005

Here are some pics of the Long Beach Show. M. Schenker did another fine job. He was extremely precise. I do not think I have ever seen him this way. He was completely relaxed. Aside from the bumbled lyrics from Kelly K., the show was great. Kelly K. did do an excellent job on Fat City though! Robin did a fine job too, but I would of liked to see some McCauley/Schenker stuff though. Robin and Michael were in great spirits together and I hope to see some future projects coming from them. Rev seemed to be suffering from his broken hand and a little too much beer. It seemed that Michael got upset with him a couple of times. Michael was in a zone and you could here some flubs coming from Rev's side. Michael came out of that zone and looked over towards Rev. During the bass and drum solo break in Into the Arena, the drummer did a prolonged solo while Rev was sucking down some suds behind the amplifiers. Same songs as earlier MSG concerts here in southern california. I was hoping for Leif S. to show up and play some Written In The Sand material. All in All........It was great seeing Michael again and I can not wait to see some of his next projects.


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