Concert Report
by Rene Veerman

- MSG -
in Rotterdam, Holland
May 24th, 1998

Added on 05/27/1998

Just back from the G3 concert (a.k.a. the silliest looking guitarist competition) in Rotterdam, Holland. The setlist was the same as earlier in the tour, so I won't mention it.

Uli Roth was unbelievable, great sound, excellent fluent playing, and fantastic lady singer. Two golden oldies from the Scorpions and a lot of brilliantly performed classical tunes. I certainly hope there's going to be a live CD of this tour!

Next up was MSG. Schenker was looking relaxed. He even smiled sometimes and was looking into the crowd from time to time. He was even hopping about a bit during Written in the sand! I thought his guitar playing wasn't as good as during the UFO concert I saw in Tilburg last year. That time I was whining about how Schenker didn't look at the crowd. It looks like there is a connection between the two. Having both seen Schenker in concentrated guitar playing frenzy and in relaxed public friendly mode, I think I prefer the concentrated Schenker. The band performance was excellent, I especially liked the drummer, Shane something. David Van Landing was screaming his head off as usual. Not my piece of cake. I really don't like what he does for instance with Let it roll. Schenker made up for that by playing the mid section of that song so brilliantly that it sent shivers down my spine. There's only one guitar player who can do that! Gary Barden was looking and singing OK. I really enjoyed Lost horizons, one of my all time MSG favourites. After that Armed and ready really rocked. And then it was already over!

By far the biggest part of the crowd turned up to see Satriani. Both Schenker and Roth weren't drawing much of a reaction from the crowd. Times have changed... Satriani was looking like an alien. I think he looks just as stupid as Roth, with Schenker looking slightly better. Satriani's playing was excellent as usual. He is also by far the best showman of the three guitar players. The solo by bassist Stu Hamm was really unbelievable. The crowd went wild. I have never seen this, a bass player that gets the most cheers of the evening. You have to see this!

The grand finale (two songs with all three players on stage) was a bit of a let down for a Schenker fan. Satriani and Roth were really better. They may have played simpler breaks than Schenker (I cannot judge that), but it worked. Schenker seamed to enjoy himself nevertheless (who wouldn't [interact] with Satriani and Roth on stage) and lingered a bit on stage appreciating the applause after the finale. It's good to see him enjoying himself. If only he could do that with UFO members on stage...

Thank you for your contribution, Rene!

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