Concert Review by Rich
MSG at JB's, Dudley, UK
November 26, 2004

Added on 11/27/2004

Just got back from this incredible show. After the Nottingham gig it was good to see the band performing in a decent sized venue, with a large well lit stage, which was definitely an aid to Rev in his bouncing around routine. Leif Sundin, who came in at the last minute to replace Chris Logan did a fantatsic job on the vocals. Unfortunately, the lack of proper rehearsal time has meant that the setlist was slightly shorter than the last tour. A change to the set list tonight started with Lights Out which proved to be a great opener with Schenker spot on. We then got a run through the classics of Are you Ready, Mother Mary, Assault Attack, Let It Roll etc. Rock And Roll Believer has a great riff and is the only track played off the Arachnaphobiac album. Among other tracks we get Into The Arena, On and On, and Only You Can Rock Me to take us to the end of the set. A first encore of Doctor Doctor and Armed & Ready, are followed by a second encore of Rock Bottom. Standing back and watching Schenker bathed in golden light playing the solo was a joy to behold. Michael Schenker really is back on form and the very fact that he has managed to complete these dates at such short notice is incredible. Proper back drops, and well stocked merchandise stalls show MSG are now more organised even if some of the size of venues has been questionable. Support band M.ill.ion were pretty good, and I'll no doubt see them again when they open for Waysted in January.



pics of MSG in Dudley here:

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