Concert Review by Magnus Beronius
MSG at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden
November 14, 2004

Added on 11/15/2004


Here are some short comments/reflection of MSG at 'Klubben' 14/11.

The show last night in Stockholm was stable 'n solid. The crowd, about +200, was happy to see him. MSG were tight as the little venue.. it was full but not packed. And of course the most 'packed' guy, with his two 2-meters friends, landed just in front of me - down below the Axeman himself... Anyway - MSG rocked hard, pretty good sound, but a little bit to loud I must say. I had a pair of ear-muffs all night which of course takes away a bit of all 'precise' notes - but better that than 'tinnitus' for the rest of my life... No one could blame Rev for not givin' his best - I pure rocker so to speak! Logan did fine - voice clear, also a great stage present. Well the whole band rocked, great solo by Wayne on Arachnophobiac! Michael kept eye-contact with the audience and bowed after each song. He even smiled from time to time.. ;-) Even if he had some 'problems' with his Dean-V...

Highlights Assault Attack; offensive hard and driven... the show 'kicked off' (got more energy) To Hot Too Handle; good tempo - 'clock-clean' solo! Into the Arena; pure perfection, great middle bas- and drum solo Attack of the Mad Axeman; perfect - extended solo... Armed and Ready; also good tempo, nailed the solo! Rock Bottom; "been there, done that" - but maaaan this rocked, perfect solo!

Otherwise the same set-list as the previous shows, played all the encores that you would expect, rocked between time 2120 - 2300.

Afterwards he did the signing session. He was very open-hearted and friendly to everyone. I manage to say something about SITN, Tristan, Dave and Batttty - he replied; "what Battttty" hehe... but he did recognize Tristan and Dave! I got some CD-sleeves signed + my new MSG-shirt (and my old one), we shook hands and of course took that "me-and-Schenker-pointing-at-me-picture". Just one more thing; he got very happy and smiled when he saw my The Odd Trio CD! He asked me if I knew who the 'players' were on that CD... and he had to show his 'manager' the picture inside the CD-sleeve.

In overall - a good basic rock concert, you got what you would have expect to get!

Back to work....

Cheers - Magnus

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