Concert Review by Christoph
MSG at Meier Music Hall, Braunschweig, Germany
November 10, 2004

Added on 11/11/2004

Michael Schenker sure is a "family type" of person. When he plays close to his hometown (which is Sarstedt near Hannover) usually his mother visits the show and they are spending all the time before/after the gig together. She was also sitting next to Michael during his signing session after the show. Michael talked very nicely to her and also to the fans.

Michael was in very good mood all evening. Setlist was the same as before including all the encores. Michael played an additional solo part directly after the drum/bass-solo in "Into the Arena" which I never heard before. This Braunschweig-show makes me very optimistic regarding the future of this Mr. Michael Schenker.

I also attended the show in Nuernberg (2004-11-01) where Michael probably was still ill and didn't play well and allmost never looked at the audience. The contrast between Nuernberg and now Braunschweig was extreme.

All the best,

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