Concert Report
by Wilson Chiu

- MSG -
at Wembly & Croydon, U.K.
May 18th & 19th, 1998

Added on 05/22/1998

It is now Thursday 21st, and I am still recovering from seeing Michael Schenker live at G3 for past 2 nights (19th at Wembley & 20th at Croydon). I have been a fan since 1983, I have never seen him live until this year, and now I have seen him play 3 times in 3 months!

I am not as lucky as Dave Wood or Alan Welsh, I have not been able to travel with MSG or go backstage (I saw Dave with his backstage pass around his neck at Wembley, very jealous!). But it was great just to see Michael play.

The MSG set was excellent on both night, Michael seemed very relaxed and was enjoying the tour. He smiled a lot, shock hands with fans. He was obviously pleased to have Gary Barden on stage with him.

I would agree with Dave Wood about David Van Landing, like other people I wasn't totally sure about his singing on the History CDs, but he is actually very good. And the rest of the band are fantastic, extremely tight and just gave Michael the room he needed.

Michael is in excellent form. The MSG set was almost note perfect, which is pretty scary. You don't really appreciate how amazing it is unless you see the set for more than one night. For example the neck bending feedback effects at the beginning of Lost Horizon were perfectly executed. However, Michael did mess up the solo intro of Into The Area last night, he came in too early before the keyboard, so he just waited and came in for the actual solo and burnt through it. But apart from that, it was awsome.

I can't describe how good it was to hear Into The Area live - I started listening to rock music after hearing that track when I was 13. The current MSG rhythm section is so tight, the track sounded incredible. I can hum all the notes - if only I can play them on the guitar as well!

Brian May was the 4th G at Wembley, last night (Croydon) it was Keith More. Brian May got an incredible reception, and he seemed to have enjoyed himself. Keith More was also excellent. People have commented that Michael wasn't as good as Joe Satriani or Uli Jon Roth in the jam, I don't think Michael's playing style totally suits that type of jam. People were impressed by Joe's technics on the guitar, but they can't always see why Michael's melodic licks are just as impressive. It also doesn't help that Michael prefers to hunch over his flying V in his overcoat and just play.

Great stuff, just brilliant.

Thank you for your contribution, Wilson!

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