Concert Review by Piotr
MSG at Proxima, Warsaw, Poland
November 9, 2004

Added on 11/10/2004

Hi Ritchie

Here is my review of the Warsaw gig.

A couple of hours before the show Michael did a signing session in one of the biggest record stores in Warsaw. The meeting with fans was scheduled to start at 17:30 PM. Shortly after that time Michael came.... Well, he seemd to be relaxed, happy, friendly and healthy. The meeting was about 30 - 40 minutes long. To be honest, there wasn't many people there, only die hard fans! That's why the signing session did't last long. During that time Michael signed everything his fans have brought with them. Well... mainly cd sleeves, vinyl record covers and posters. Together with my friends we have managed to take some photos with Him and get our own CD sleeves signed.

After the meeting we went straight to the venue. Shortly after we've got inside, the first band was about to play. Well... there were two supporting bands.

The first one was a group led by one of the most popular polish rock guitarist: Wojtek Hoffman. He played an instrumental thirty minute set. He was quite good, and during some parts his playing style was very similar to Steve Vai.

After a twenty minute break...Pure Inc got on stage. In my opinion they were ok, but their set was a little too long.

The placed wasn't full. I guess there was about 400-450 people. I'm not sure but I think that the capacity of "Proxima" is about 800-1000 or soemthing like that. After another twenty/thirty minute break, MSG finally started their show!!

At the beginning there were some technical problems. One of the batteries in Michael's pedal did't seem to work. Fortunatly one of the roadies came with a spare one, and the show started afterwards. Michael played his new Dean Flying V during the entire set. To my ears his new guitar sounds quite good, altough I liked his old Gibson Flying V guitar (the one he used on the first part of the Euro Tour in Feb/March) more. The sound wasn't exellent. During some of the parts I coudn't hear Chris voice very well, also Wayne's guitar was I think a little low in the mix. Anway they gave a GREAT show!!!. Michael played with passion, fire, and a lot's of feeling and passion. Personally I was very happy that I have got an opportunity to see Michael play for the second time during this year in Poland. This time in a much smaller venue and without any camera's filming all over.

After the show Michael did another signing session,near the merchandise store. Yet again he was very friendly, and patiently signed evrything. Before I left the venue I've managed to talk a little with Chris, Wayne, and I've also got my ticket stub signed by Rev!.

Thanks, Keep On Rocking


Here is the complete set list:

  1. Ready To Rock
  2. Mother Mary
  3. Assault Attack
  4. Let It Roll
  5. Fat City
  6. Lights Out
  7. Because I Can
  8. Rock And Roll Believer
  9. Arachnofobiac
  10. Fatal Strike
  11. Into The Arena
  12. Only You Can Rock Me
  13. On And On
  14. Too Hot To Handle
  15. Attack Of The Mad Axeman

    Encore No.1

  16. Armed And Ready
  17. Doctor Doctor

    Encore No.2

  18. Rock Bottom

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