Concert Review by Bernhard
MSG at Ohrakel, Ingolstadt, Germany
October 31, 2004

Added on 11/03/2004

After MSG had to cancel the two previous shows everybody was anxious if the band will be able to perform tonight.

The amount of people visiting the show was quite good, given the fact, that Ingolstadt is a smaller city (only known for Audi cars and an 80ies rock band called Bonfire)., a newcomer band from Switzerland, opened the show and did a very solid set for 45 minutes, powerful rock, impressive performance especially by the singer and some nice tunes. The audience including me seemed to be quite impressed.

The MSG show had been presented as part of the Ingolstadt Jazz Festival (, however the Ohrakel is a typical rock club) so the singer asked the crowd if they would like to hear rock or jazz, some voted for rock, the majority did not reply at all. In general the audience was not very receptive and somehow reserved, this did not change when MSG entered the stage - completely different from Nuernberg one day later, where everybody was enthusiastically awaiting MSG.

Michael was ill the days before, so he did not perform in Braunschweig and Aschaffenburg. At the first of these two evenings did the whole show, the second night had been cancelled with the intention for a longer tour break for recovery - the support band even had returned to Switzerland. Fortunately MSG decided to continue (and the musicians had to return to Germany) with the tour in Ingostadt after this two days of recovery. Michael still looked very exhausted and ill but he performed the complete set list (but only Dr Dr as encore) and even managed through an aftershow signing session.

The sound at the beginning of the concert was unsatisfactory, difficult to hear Michaels solo playing as well as Chris' vocals. This got better only halfway through the set, also the crowed got more enthusiastic with a better sound. Additionally in the beginning one of two keyboards on stage did not work and Chris had major problems with his voice monitor. He asked to get the monitor fixed for the first three songs - without success - got more and more frustrated and finally continued without monitor. He probably did not hear himself singing throughout the whole gig.

Michael played the new Dean guitar, with a second one on stage. He tuned his guitar after every song, I do not remember him doing that with his older guitar models. He did not interact with the audience or the band during his show, trying hard to concentrate on his playing and probably still suffering from the illness. Nevertheless - his playing was superb as always. Only at the end of the show he started to smile at the people.

Rev Jones was a highlight with his way of bass guitar playing/performing - especially during Into The Arena. The other members of the band did a very concentrated performance and gave the set a tight and forward moving rock and roll background. Impressive guitar solo by Wayne during Arachnophobiac.

After the show Michael and the band shaked hands with the audience and a roadie immediately brought a coat for Michael and helped him backstage.

I have seen better shows by MSG (and again, one day later in Nuernberg was great), but given the circumstances (technical problems and physical condition) I am very happy and glad that they managed to go on stage! I especially enjoyed the second half of the gig (to mention Lights Out, Because I Can, Into the Arena, Only You Can Rock Me, On and On, Attack of the Mad Axeman and a great Doctor, Doctor).

Michael did a lengthy signing session after the show, and a huge amount of people came to get his signature on records, CD covers and also three or four guitars. Some of the guys obviously had been waiting for Michael to come back to Ingolstadt - last time with UFO in the 70ies...

All the best, Michael.

Set list:
Ready to Rock
Mother Mary
Assault Attack
Let It Roll
Fat City
Lights Out
Because I Can
Rock'n'roll Believer
Fatal Strike
Into the Arena
Only You Can Rock Me
On and On
Too Hot to Handle
Attack of the Mad Axeman
Doctor Doctor

no Rock Bottom and Armed And Ready

PS: they are selling the DVD+CD version of the new DVD, for those who want to see the show at home.

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