Concert Report by Alex
MSG with House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA
September 10, 2004

Added on 09/12/2004

MSG was awesome,.... Michael's playing was much more inspired than he was a few years back on the BAOS tour. Smiles were plentiful and Michael was a picture of concentration and content guitar player. Lights Out was the show opener and Rock Bottom was the closer. In Between here is setlist in no order and not a complete list. Michael Came on late about 11.45 p.m and played until 1:30 a.m

Light's Out
Let It Roll
Assault Attack
Mother Mary
Fat City
Spider Song (Off Of Spider CD)
Fatal Strike
Rock & Roll Believer
Into The Arena
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
Armed & Ready
Doctor Doctor
On And On
Too Hot To Handle
Only You Can Rock Me
Rock Bottom

The Whole band was on fire. Chris Logan hitting the high notes and straining at times to be heard as Michael's guitar was high in the mix. Rev Jones was his crazy self and playing a great bass Wayne Findlay I couldn't hear him at all since I was a few feet from Michael. The Band as a whole was very active and having FUN. Racous and loud crowd which the band fed off of. Smiles a plenty. Great band great show DON't Miss MSG or Uli.

As fro Mr. Roth in a word. AMAZING. He was in a zone and he got a tremendous reception from the crowd. He stood there for a while Suprised? by the welcome he got. He guitar playing was out of this world. He is not to be missed.

From the Seasons CD:
Guitar Concerto
Free Spirits (Electric Sun)
Hiroshima (Electric Sun)
Sails Of Charon The Crowd went absolutely Crazy
Virgin Killer (insrtumental)
Fly To the Rainbow ??? Another crowd pleaser!!

Uli did not want to stop playing but he ran out of time and he was visibly pissed off. He did not want to stop. Amazing guitar player. Awesome night Awesome concert.
Sorry about the very erratic review, I 'm not good at this. I will be there tonite at stage left. I Thank You!

Concert Report by A.W.B.
MSG with House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA
September 10 & 11, 2004

Added on 09/14/2004

Hello there,

thanx for Schenker updates.
I too was at both Chicago shows just as I was last December.

Friday 9/10 Michael was in an extremely rare fun mood. The curtain opened and he was all smiles with his hands in the air before even playing a note. He was also very playful with his solos. Michael usually has guidelines for his solos which he fills in the blanks but Friday he was trying so many different things in every solo and even between the rhythms! I felt so lucky to exerience him in such a mood. The mix started off very badly but he was having so much fun i was really jealous not to hear him so well during the opener LIGHTS OUT.

Afterwards he was still having fun smiling and joking with everyone.

Sat Nite 9/11 he was more of the Schenker we all know but still quite happy.

Just thought I'd tell ya, I feel so lucky to have witnessed such a rare thing.

cheers to you and your site

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