Concert Report by Richard
MSG with Uli Roth at Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA
August 30, 2004

Added on 09/01/2004

O.K. Everybody,

This is the kind of review you get when one attends a show and doesn't drink---That is a rarity for me, And I had the time of my life. Let me take you there. (I have 3 sheets of scribbled notes LOL)

Coach House occupancy is 478---There were easily 400-425 there. I sat 2 seats back from Waynes Keys, stage left. Tables going away from the stage negates standing except after most songs and for the encores, but I did after every song. (Sober shows are a different vibe I tell ya.)

Michael in shades, backwards baseball cap, Black Beach Shorts, Long Red Tee w/ black vest w/ collar sticking up. He was thoroughly enjoying himself throughout the show. No technical difficulties at all. The Rev is just a mover and shaker---He and Wayne contributed Fine backing vocals and it was the 5th show in a row for Chris (for gods sake) and he handled it like the man he is.

  1. Are You Ready To Rock---I was getting my 1979 'Earthquake' vinyl w/ original lyric sheet signed by Uli outside which was only 10 feet from the side door---But that's a whole other post. (No---that's a whole other dialogue/post---)
  2. Mother Mary---They hit this song so hard---
  3. Assault Attack---A personal Fave w/ that brutal ending that gave me shivers-that end riff is 'all time' sick.
  4. Let It Roll---HE F-ing Nailed that solo-Can anyone else bend like that---full of passion
  5. Fat City---This song Rips live
  6. Lights Out---Played it pretty fast---took the shades off
  7. Because I Can---Introduced as a 'new song off the Scorpions Album' First time hearing it live and it rocked.
  8. Rock N Roll Believer---Chris is from Upland Calif which is like 25 miles from the show. He talked about never giving in. It was the Drum Tech's B-Day and Michael played H B-Day and he came out while the audience sang to him/bumping into the Rev.
  9. Arachnophobiac--Wayne played a blistering solo on this, and Michael was no slouch on that outro either, know that.
  10. Fatal Strike---
  11. Into The Arena---I thought I was in heaven again. Interesting swaps/changes/interplay from bass to drums, you'll see.
  12. Had to go the bathroom and have a smoke-sorry
  13. ON AND ON--- I wrote "Burned-/sick/off the damn charts" (LOL) I truly love that song
  14. Attack of the Mad Axeman---Just 'on fire' as it should be-his outro proves he's lost nothing at all---It was spectacular, another personal fave.


  15. Armed and Ready---This was really tight
  16. Dr. Dr.---He was Ad Libbing all over the neck during the intro you'll see.
  17. Rawk Bawdum---At this point in the proceedings every human was up/hands up/hollering, it's what brought down the house and a fine way end it---shaking your head walking to the car in amazement, knowing that you just heard F-ING GLORY!
Thank God he's still alive.

So, that's my brief synopsis.

Go see the boys,they'll be sure to kick your ass AGAIN!

Richard in L.A.

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