Concert Report by Skid Rowe
MSG with Uli Roth at Cadillac Ranch, Concord, CA, USA
August 29, 2004

Added on 08/31/2004

Aug 29 2004 - CONCORD: A much better venue for a show! Large stage with dance floor and tiered seating towards the back. Uli's set was much nicer than the previous night as we were able to see the accompanying video to each song on a large 30X20 video SCREEN! Still hot inside the venue [no ceiling fans here!] but much more room and not as warm as the night before. The stage is 4' high and allowed everyone to see the musicians and the screen. The video of Uli playing vintage concerts and with an orchestra was cool, and there was a video of a young lady singing "Sails of Charon" in the sunset. The set list was a little different with Uli playing "Spring" from Metamorphosis but no Virgin Killer/Fly to the Rainbow. I was much more impressed being able to watch him play this time and the video behind him was a nice touch. The crowd was very receptive for the most part but this was the guys only Bay Area appearance in 20 years. After Uli's set he again signed items and greeted fans.

As the roadies set up the stage for MSG, someone from the venue asked that everyone on the dance floor leave so they could remove the large video screen. As security ushered everyone off the floor or outside for a smoke or fresh air, I melted into the woodwork with a dozen others and watched as they took down the screen. As soon as the screen and framework were removed, I staked my spot right in front of Mr. Schenker's foot pedals! I was so close I could have operated them for him! I had a similar spot at the Edge during UFO's "Walk on Water" make-up date in 1998. With Axe behind me snapping pictures, MSG came out and ripped through their set. I got a first hand MSG tab tutorial as I watched in amazement while the mad axeman tore through "Mother Mary", "Let It Roll", "Assault Attack", "On and On" and other classics as well as songs from "Arachnophobiac". Watching him close his eyes and knock out solo's was something to behold and I will always cherish! Then the encore of "Doctor Doctor" and everyone's favorite "Rock Bottom"! The digits on his hand were flyin' as he did a solo that was a little different than most versions. I was singing and rockin' to every tune before hand but just stood in silent amazement as he wailed through the 15th-23rd frets on his black and white V! When he was done I had to shake myself out of the trance and was flabbergasted. I couldn't have gotten a better view of his greatness if I had paid him to play at my house!

After the show someone came up to me and after admiring my flying V tie said "You were that old dude rockin' up in front" to which I replied "I LIVE FOR THIS!" I met many fans who were very familiar with Ritchie's site, Batttty & SITN, and my Live365 UFO/MSG/Schenker/Scorpions internet radio station. The Schenker community is very tight and devoted to the mad axeman. He again signed items and greeted everyone who stayed around. I got a chance to hang with Wayne for an unfortunately short time and also talk to Rev and Chris. This band is an asset to Michael at this stage of his career and although there have been many "Classic" versions of MSG, I can see why Michael says this is his favorite. Truly a blessing to see these guys! My 18th time seeing Michael Schenker was awesome. As I told Rev, Wayne, & Chris as I went out the door, "Lets do this again next year!"


Lights Out
Ready To Rock
Let It Roll
Assault Attack
Mother Mary
Fat City
Because I Can
Rock N Roll Believer
Fatal Strike
Into The Arena
Too Hot To Handle
On And On
Only You Can Rock Me
Attack Of The Mad Axe Man
Armed And Ready
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom
Skid's review of 08/28/2004 Sacramento show is

Concert Report by Andy
MSG with Uli Roth at Cadillac Ranch, Concord, CA, USA
August 29, 2004

Added on 09/01/2004

The next night in Concord was a bit cooler and I liked the club a lot better. The stage was higher which made for better sightlines and we got there early enough to be right in front of the stage for Uli!

Sky Overture
4 Seasons - Spring
4 Seasons - Winter
Sails Of Charon
Villanova Gem
All ALong The Watchtower

He switched the setlist up a bit tonight but I did miss Fly To The Rainbow which was just amazingly awesome the night before. According to the guys who'd been to every show, this was the first time he'd deviated from the identical setlist he'd performed at the first 3 shows. Good news for those going to multiple shows!

Michael again just kicked ass! Another great show!

Overall it was a great 2 nights. Uli was relaxed and seemed to be having a great time. His playing was phenomenal, no surpirise there! It was a joy to hear him speak to the crowd, his stories and anecdotes put a smile on my face. Bought a DVD the 2nd night and got to meet Uli, shake his hand and chat a bit. And an autograph too of course! Drove nearly 500 miles roundtrip for the 2 shows, well worth it. If you're going the next few weeks, enjoy! If you're considering a roadtrip, do it! You'll be happy you did!

Andys review of 08/28/2004 Sacramento show is here.

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