Concert Report & Photos by Terry
MSG at Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA, USA
June 4, 2004
MSG at Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA, USA
June 5, 2004

Added on 07/13/2004

Sorry for the delay on the pix. Here are a bunch from the Galaxie and one from the B&B. I used a disposable indoor Fuji but got some great shots. Mostly from the Galaxie...better lighting etc.

The shows were awesome and I apologize that there are not more pix of the band. I was on the right side at the B&B and those just didn't turn out...sorry. In the case of Rev they were a total blurrrr..hehehe an incredible ball of sonic motion that man. Amen to the Rev!

You guys looked real comfortable and looked like you were having a ball. The Galaxie show was incredible and the B&B was near legendary. What can I say? At the B&B everyone started off cheering between songs. By the middle of the set they screamed full throttle every second between every song and screamed OVER them too! Michael, in jest, plugged his ears and had a smile ear to ear. What a vibe and what a show!!

Sound was perfect for my ears. Not too loud and not too quiet...just right. I saw/heard two shows in two nights and my ears were fine. Thanx guys!!

Uli & Michael I DREAMING...AHHHHHH!!!!

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