Concert Report by Taz
MSG at Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA, USA
June 5, 2004

Added on 06/07/2004

MSG at Brick by Brick San Diego. Rather than do another full review, I'll just say that Michael and the band were just as on as they were the night before at Santa Ana!! Again the sound was good, almost from the first moments. Songs I forgot to mention yesterday were Only You Can Rock Me and Fat City. The BAOS song was Because I Can, not My Times Up as I incorrectly stated yesterday. Since I did not say much about the other members of the band last time, it has to be said that Pete Holmes is a phenomenal drummer, and Rev Jones, what can I say? To be honest, last December I thought he looked out of place, like he was in the wrong band! This guy is an outstanding player!!! Solid tone, great technique, one of the best I have ever seen, and maybe I got used to his presence or maybe he toned it down, but now he fits in perfectly!! Wayne took the solo in Arachnaphobiac, doing a great job and sounding very close to Jeff Watson's solo on the record, keyboard sounds were good, the whole band is just a quality experience. I think we can look forward to a lot more from Michael after having seen these two shows. I have no doubt whatsoever.....TAZ.

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