Concert Report by R.B.Araki
Michael Schenker at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan
November 21, 2022
Added on 11/21/2022

Michael Schenker - Lead guitar
Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Steve Mann - Guitar / Keyboards
Bodo Schopf - Drums
Barend Courbois - Bass

MSG landed Japan for the first time since 2018. Michael and the band played great tonight without doubt. But what impressed me the most is Mr. Romero's performance. This was the first time I saw his live performanace. I've found him a great live singer. All through the show, he was stable and hit high notes with the accurate pitch. The setlist was same as the one for the recent U.S. tour.

01. Into The Arena
02. Cry For The Nations
03. Doctor Doctor
04. We Are The Voice
05. Looking For Love
06. Red Sky
07. Sail The Darkness
08. Emergency
09. Lights Out
10. Armed And Ready
11. Assault Attack
12. Rock Bottom
13. Shoot Shoot
14. Let It Roll
15. Natural Thing (*)
16. Too Hot To Handle
17. Only You Can Rock Me

* Steve shared the lead guitatr part with Michael

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