Concert Report by Sylvie De Greef
Michael Schenker at La Traverse, Cléon, France
May 7, 2022
Added on 05/08/2022

Hi Ritchie,

It's been a long time since I've sent you a review from Michael gig.
I hope everything is going well for you.

Yesterday it was the only gig in France, Cléon, except Hellfest festival in Juin.

MSG arrived on stage, at almost 21h30, under a sold out audience screams.
The show begun by the instrumental "Ascension", who excite the crowd.
The set list was as usual.
The crowd turn crazy, specially for the UFO tracks.
Robin was at the top, and seems enjoy himself during all the set.

Barend and Bodo, did a very good job.
The band was in a total cohesion.

Michael was amazing, his guitar play transport us as always.
I'll never get tired of listening it, it's always the same pleasure.

Unfortunately, Steve didn't feel good and must leave the stage for a moment, then he went back, but must leave again and doesn't come back on stage.
Hope is going well now...

The show go on till the end, as a four pieces.

2 hours of a wonderful show, from the beginning to the end.

Waiting impatiently the next tour!

Have a good day Ritchie.


Concert Report by Serge Moriniere
Michael Schenker at La Traverse, Cléon, France
May 7, 2022
Added on 05/10/2022

Fantastique concert de Michael Schenker Group a la Traverse - Cléon, France le 07/05/22

Bon retablissement à Steve Mann qui n'a pas pu assurer tout le set car il ne se sentait pas bien.

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