Concert Report by Andy Allan Pour
Michael Schenker Fest at Club Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
November 14, 2018
Added on 11/17/2018

Concert Report by Gábor Csiki (a.k.a. CsiGabiGa)
Michael Schenker Fest at Club Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
November 14, 2018
Added on 11/21/2018

I'm the biggest Michael Schenker fan in Hungary, but he didn't come to our land since 1986. In that year I saw them with Robin McAuley supporting Scorpions.

In 2004 cancelled the Budapest concert, because only 40 tickets were sold. (From I bought 12 with my friends. J )

So I think, he will never again try to come to Budapest. That's why we drive to Praga with a car.

Two days before the concert changed the venue from Congress Hall to Roxy Club. This is a smaller venue, so it wasn't enough sitting place to everybody sit in the first row, who bought tickets to the first row. When I saw it, I stay before the first row, to the feet of Michael.

Michael sang the Holiday (with the help of the crowd) as intro, then they played Doctor Doctor with 4 singers. He was in his best form and in a good mood, that's why I listened to the longest Rock Bottom in my life (20 minutes long). Doogie White stayed in an empty chair, when he sang Lord Of The Lost And Lonely, directly next to my wife. It was great, when Chris Glen played the instrumentals in laser glasses, and that was a great moment, when Michael's string broken on Dancer, but he played the whole solo with 5 strings and only after changed his guitar. Steve Mann was the grey eminence in the band (or white, with his white hair, as grey Gandalf transformed into white Gandalf), he played only one solo, that Kirk Hammet played on the album (Heart And Soul). Ted McKenna was Rory Gallagher's drummer, and he played with his bandmates in Gastroblues Festival in summer, as Band Of Friends. Now he "only" did his job, but what a big thing from a 68 years old man. And at the end of the concert he got the chance to a short, but difficult drum solo.

For me it was not the Concert Of The Year, but Concert Of The Century. Michael was genial, I saw them 4th time, but it was the best of all time. And I saw as bonus 4 great singers in one stage, Robin McAuley (with MSG) after 1986, Graham Bonnet (with Taz Taylor Band played Rainbow, Alcatrazz and MSG songs) after 2008 and Gary Barden (with MSG) after 2009 second time, Doogie White I saw two times in 2005, with Cornerstone and with Yngwie Malmsteen, and that was our 3rd meeting. (My fourth Schenker concert was the 25th anniversary tour in 2006 with Jari Tiura.)


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