Concert Report by Anno En Esther Arends
Michael Schenker Fest at Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
November 1, 2018
Added on 11/03/2018

Concert Report by Alex Koedinger
Michael Schenker Fest at Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
November 1, 2018
Added on 11/04/2018

Hello Ritchie,

Here is my little concert-review for the fans all around the world, concerning OBERHAUSEN/Germany, the 1th. november 2018, with some photos I made.

I travelled by train from Luxembourg to see the first MSF-concert of this tour in our neighbour-country Germany. A show from 9.15 to 11.45 pm, 28 songs-show (see the photo with the program, but unfortunately no song played from the great album "perfect timing"), what a great great job and condition from Mister Schenker. What a work he did, but how he did it, I really donLt know. A fantastic performance in any case. HeLs still in a very very good psychical + physical form. Chris Glen seemt to be very tired and listless the whole evening and I was afraid that he will be asleeped on stage. Michael always with a nice laughing to the audience, always concentrated on his playing and he is playing like somebody who is not from this planet. So good and amazing fast : simply incredible. ILm sure, when it exist a god on guitar, his name is Michael Schenker !

Strange : Michael, a german, spokes and intoduced a lot the whole evening, in Germany, to 800 german persons ......... in english ! ? ! He must know, that the german fans are very proud of their Michael, and when heLs is not speaking (except one time to say goodbye in german) to them in his mother language, itLs a little bit strange, isnLt it, Michael ?

So, if you still have the chance, go to see the Michael Schenker Fest live, itLs worth, take the chance ! Many greetings and ....... only Michael can rock me, rock me.

Alex Koedinger from Luxembourg (Europe).

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