Concert Report by Claus Heining
Michael Schenker Fest at Z-7, Pratteln, Switzerland
October 31, 2018
Added on 11/01/2018

Hello Ritchie,

here my review from last night Z-7 club in Pratteln/Switzerland.

Nearly a full house, that means more or less 1000 visitors attented at the Michael Schenker Fest. Or should I say revue? The mood onstage was superb, each leadsinger had of course its own part or got help for backing vocals from the others from time to time. So as we already know it. But sometimes it looked funny when the (old) boys tried to do a little choreography.

The setlist was the same like in Milan the night before. MS startet with holiday, handling lead vocals on his own! But he got a lot of help from the audience and then he bashed against his brother Rudolf and the SCORPIONS. Because of not getting the songcredits for his input on the Lovedrive album, imitating his blonde hairstyle and using as well the black/white guitar image. Michael said he gave his blessings but he never got any respect and credits for all his help. But then jumped the whole band minus Doogie into Doctor Doctor and they made no prisoners! The party got startded! After that it was Doogie`s part. At this point the sound was very good and Doogie's voice and performance totally professional. Then came the break with Captain Nemo and the soundmix was getting poor. As in Milan Steve Mann was too low or totally out of P.A. Then it was the part of Graham which I was very interested in. Yes, he can still scream and shout but he had some problems with in ear monitoring. And that was the other technical problem that evening, the singers were sometimes out of tune! But the fun was already there. Night Moves is typical Bonnet song but live it couldn't match with the "newer" Doogie songs. Coast to coast led to Gary's part. And his voice was a positive surprise. Of course he can't sing anymore in high ranges anymore and his mix is always a little low but he had a good day and for me it was the stronges part! Again technical problems in the beginning of Rock My Nights Away: at first the keyboard was too loud and then much too low. Then came the last instrumental Into The Arena. Chris Glen had worn on every instrumental glasses with green laser beams. Michael played great but bass and keys were too boring. I had seen much better performances of this song. Then came Robin McAuley's part. What a pity, they played only Bad Boys form the McAuley/Schenker era. Insteas of Heart and Soul I hoped for Save Yourself and no Perfect Timing tunes. What a shame. But he made a very good job on the UFO songs. So I hope Schenker will return with McAuley some day and doing more stuff of the old days. Rock Bottom was simply suberb, Michael played the solo on his signature song different and newer, lots of feelings in it. Last song was Lights Out, yeah what a rocker! Yes, all in all it was a fantastiv gig, the band had a lot of fun despite some technical problems. It was the halloween night and Chris Glen was looking a little bit sooky with his hematoma on his left eye. Great guys, rock on!!!


Concert Report by Jean-Blaise Betrisey
Michael Schenker Fest at Z-7, Pratteln, Switzerland
October 31, 2018
Added on 11/02/2018

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