Concert Report by R.B.Araki
Michael Schenker Fest at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Tokyo, Japan
September 5, 2018
Added on 09/06/2018

Michael Schenker Fest closed their Japan tour 2018 with this show in Tokyo. The non-stop 2 hours 45 minutes show was literally an amazing "Fest" which totally satisfied the 5,000 audience that packed the concert hall. Michael Schenker introduced many of the songs by himself. Unfortunately they didn't do Only You Can Rock Me and Too Hot To Handle which they did at the Osaka show as a second encore several days ago.

SE: Ride Of The Valkyries
The opening sound effect MSG used to use for their tours in '80s raised the expectations of the audience.
  1. Holiday: Vocal by Michael
    When introducing the song, Michael said he wrote it but never got a credit. Michael sang entire song.
  2. Doctor Doctor: Vocal by Graham (1st verse) - Gary (2nd) - Robin (3rd)
  3. Live and Let Live: Vocal by Doogie
  4. Vigilante Man: Vocal by Doogie
  5. Lord of the Lost and Lonely: Vocal by Doogie
  6. Take Me to the Church: Vocal by Doogie with Gary & Robin
  7. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: Vocal by Doogie
  8. Into the Arena
  9. Bad Boys: Vocal by Robin
  10. Save Yourself: Vocal by Robin
    Unbelievable ageless performance of Robin and Michael impressed me alot.
  11. Anytime: Vocal by Robin with Doogie/Gary/Graham.
    Michael and Steve played harmonized guitar solo.
  12. Heart and Soul: Vocal by Robin with Doogie/Gary/Graham
  13. Love is not a Game: Vocal by Robin with Doogie/Gary/Graham
  14. Warrior: Vocal by Robin/Doogie/Gary/Graham
  15. Captain Nemo
  16. Dancer: Vocal by Graham with Gary/Robin
  17. Desert Song: Vocal by Graham
  18. Night Moods: Vocal by Graham with Gary/Robin
  19. Assault Attack: Vocal by Graham
  20. Searching for a Reason: Vocal by Graham
  21. Coast to Coast
    Michael again said he provided the song but never got a credit. He also mentioned that his brother imitated hair color and V guitar. But I think these remarks were prescripted lines.
  22. Are You Ready To Rock: Vocal by Gary
  23. Attack of the Mad Axeman: Vocal by Gary with Robin
  24. Rock My Nights Away: Vocal by Gary
  25. Messin' Around: Vocal by Gary
  26. Armed and Ready: Vocal by Gary
  27. Rock Bottom: Vocal by Robin (1st) - Gary (2nd) - Doogie (3rd)
    The longest guitar solo of this tune I've ever heard. There was Ted's drum solo at the end with everybody on stage.


  28. Shoot Shoot: Vocal by Robin
  29. Natural Thing: Vocal by Doogie
    Steve, Akio Shimizu (as a guest guitarist) and Michael shareed the second guitar solo. Honestly, I don't know who Mr. Shimizu is, and his appearance was utterly unnecessary and his sound was very bad and irrecognizable.
  30. Lights Out: Vocal by Gaham - Gary - Robin - Doogie

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