Concert Report by Juan Balbontin
MSG at Piorno Rock Festival, Granada, Spain
February 28, 2004

Added on 03/01/2004

Hi ritchie,

I'm Juan Balbontin from Seville (Spain). I went to Granada to see exclusive MSG to piorno rock festival. The ticket there very expensive 50 euros because i m only went to see one band (SMG). They are annunced 00.10 pm, but the others band retrased the concert and this thing perhaps to get angry michael schenker and only play 7 songs and go out !!!!

This is little professional for michael schenker and he must think in the people that spent his money and time to go see him.

For other thing, he play very good the time he is in the show but i think he must join for band members more quality.I want to say that the singer don't like me. Perhaps is a good singer but for my opinion i think that michael must search a better singer to play in his band. it's only a opinion.

sorry my English

the next 5 marzo go to Madrid to see UFO i hope tell you a good concert.

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