Concert Report by Mike Hauser
Michael Schenker Fest at Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.
March 7, 2018
Added on 03/09/2018

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST 2018!!! Hands down one of the greatest shows I've ever seen! These guys played a 30 song set! Unreal! Michael Schenker has and always will be one of the most amazing guitarists in the universe! Schenker enlisted the best of the best for this show! You had original MSG vocalist Gary Barden, former Rainbow vocalists Graham Bonnet and Doogie White, and Rock Star supreme Robin McAuley! Rounding it all out was Ted Mckena on drums, Steve Man on keys and rhythm guitar! These guys could have played 15 songs and no one wouldn't have thought less but NO they played 30 songs! It kills me I wanna go see this again in Cleveland! I don't think anything will top this show for a long time and if at all possible go see this! It was worth every penny and every mile!

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