Concert Report by R.B.Araki
Michael Schenker Fest at Loud Park 17, Saitama, Japan
October 15, 2017
Added on 10/16/2017

It was my first time attending festival-type concert. This "Loud Park" is simply too loud for this old man. No offence to the bands that performed at this event, but it was sometimes a kind of torture even when wearing earplugs.

Michael Schenker Fest was an exception. Their performance was totally on another level, more than enough as a headliner of the festival. Of course, they sounded so comfortable and made me happy without earplugs. The MS Fest is getting better and better as a band. So are the three singers. I think they sang better than last Tokyo show in August 2016. Espeially Robin was outstanding. He can sing as well as he could in 1980s. Michael was almost losing his voice probably due to flu or cold. But, his playing was phenomenal. He is still progressing as evidenced by still evolving Rock Bottom solo where you can hear new licks.

European fans can surely enjoy their shows soon!!

I take this opportunity to thank SAO for reserving an excellent seat for me.

Searching For Freedom (instrumental)
Into the Arena (instrumental)
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Gary)
Victim of Illusion (Gary)
Cry for the Nations (Gary)
Attack Of The Mad Axman (Gary)
Armed and Ready (Gary)
Coast to Coast (instrumental)
Desert Song (Graham)
Dancer (Graham w/Gary and Robin)
Broken Promises (Graham)
Assault Attack (Graham)
Captain Nemo (instrumental)
No Time For Losers (Robin)
This is My Heart (Robin)
Save Yourself (Robin)
Bad Boys (Robin)
Rock Bottom (Robin)
Doctor Doctor (Gary-Graham-Robin)

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