Concert Report by Andy
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock at St. Georges Hall, Bradford, U.K.
November 23, 2015
Added on 12/05/2015

Hi Ritchie we start with Temple of Rock first night of the tour in Bradford as guests of Judas Priest...the crowd were a typical Bradford crowd all stood talking about past bands people had seen and people were talking about michaels past. After hearing 3 peoples conversation of their perception i butted in and said im sorry but you aint got a clue what you're talking about just get your arse in the there and listen he will, be on in 10 mins.. Then after let me know what you think...The lights went down and the spots were on my dear friend wayne findlay with the intro to Dr Dr then michael appeared took a bow and the crowd back drop tonight then Doogie appeared and gig was in full flight..we had songs as expected from various eras covering songs from the last 2 albums with and also victim of illusion which Doogie sang well. vigilante man is always a pleasing addition with the echo on his voice filling the hall..judging by the pratt i had words with who incidentally was sat near me yoh guessed it he was clapping..the set went too quickly for me as i went to see the band rather than Priest..we finished with Rock Bottom as expected but they sounded great although im sure priests crew could have let them turn it up...Michael Wayne Doogie Herman and Francis thank you..

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