Concert Report by Sylvie
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock at Jas Rod, Les Pennes-Mirabeau, France
November 7, 2015
Added on 11/09/2015 & 11/10/2015

Hi Ritchie,

Here's my review the only gig I've seen on this tour :-(

Yesterday, Temple of rock was in Les pennes mirabeau.

Saturday 7th of November Temple of rock was in les Pennes mirabeau near Marseille.

The doors open at 20h30. The support band was : 77 from Spain. A 4 pieces band, who warm the audience with a music in AC/DC style.

It was more than 22h when Temple of Rock hit the stage.
As last tour, the show begins with "Doctor, doctor". If it was strange to hear it as first song, now it seems evident that it is a good choice.
The gig continue with the usual set list. Wayne, Francis, Hermann, Dougie and Michael seems have all ways the same pleasure to play.

I really appreciate the sound of the double neck on "Saviour machine", which was a track, I'm waiting for, cause I love this one a lot.

The set finished with "Blackout", the band salute the audience and leave the stage, except Michael who came in the front of the stage to shake a lot of hands:-)

Another great performance of Temple of rock.

The audience, may be about 450, seems have really enjoyed the show.

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