Concert Report by Hans
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock at Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
November 1, 2015
Added on 11/02/2015

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Just back from the Temple of Rock gig in Verviers (@ Spirit of 66).
Support band was: '77 (seventy seven) , a Spanish rock band with AC/DC running trough their veins. Heavy blues/rock, as tight as their pants. They were a good warming up... for the real thing.
We already were warmed up, but Temple of Rock put the place on fire.
They were very enthousiastic. Dougie was a little over-enthousiastic at some moments - for example singing the chorus on Vigilante Man to early and during 'Blackout', well ... he had one (again too enthousiastic to sing the chorus too earlay).
He introduced Wayne Findlay on Hurricane also as the lead singer... wich wayne found very funny, it seems.
In the introduction of Vigilante Man, Dougie also makes a critical remark at the 'people in the front row taking pictures' - vigilante men.
You must know, the Spirit of 66 is about the smallest venue they play on this tour (Dougie 's words). It 's like a grand cafe, capacity +- 350. And it was hot, or should I say 'they were hot'. You could see the drops of sweet falling of Michael 's guitar when he was playing.
He played the dubble-neck guitar on Saviour Machine. With a riff from Wayne and slide from Michael (a structure that reminds me of Electric phase. And also on 'Too Hot Too Handle', but not using the second neck.
It was great, it was fun. Do we really have to wait another year to see them again?
Setlist: Doctor doctor, Live and let Live, Light out, Where the wild winds blow, Natural thing, Before the devil, Victim of illusion, Lovedrive, Coast to coast, Vigilante man, Saviour machine, Too Hot To Handle, Lord of the lost and lonely, Rock you like a hurricane, Rock bottom
Encores: Attack of the mad axeman, Communion (the new single) Blackout.

Just one minor thing of complaint: a couple days ago I had a discussion with my bandmembers about lyrics. I do care about lyrics, it seems that a lot of people don't - but I do. So I can 't close my ears for the fact that Dougie still don't know the lyrics of a couple of songs (especially UFO-stuff)... But as I said, a minor thing of complaint by a terrific show.


Concert Report by Doug
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock at Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
November 1, 2015
Added on 11/07/2015

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EIFEL ROCK : Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock @ Spirit of '66

Here in the deepest, darkest Eifel, bleeding heart of west German Catholic Country, what Americans call "Halloween" (All Hallows Eve) is mostly an excuse to party. It's the day after, All Saints, that everybody celebrates with traditional meals and family walks in the afternoon.

This year, once the family headed home after lunch on Nov. 1st, we bolted top-down in the Cabrio under sunny autumn skies for a special show at the mighty Spirit of '66 in nearby Verviers, Belgium. Legendary German-born guitarist Michael Schenker with some VERY special musical guests.

A fun opening set from a cadre of young Spanish rockers -- aptly named '77 -- set the tone. A solid four-piece with a live sound equal parts AC/DC, Angel City, Cheap Trick & KISS, they looked the part, from Dazed & Confused hairstyles and tight 1977-era jeans to the lead player's weathered Gibson SG.

Then came two-time Scorpion and long-time guitar legend, Michael Schenker. Joined on stage by the Scorpions original rhythm section, bassist Francis Buchholz & drummer Herman "ze German" Rarebell, both in top form, their years of stadium-level experience apparent even in club environs.

The Benz metal troika laid down precision tracks. Wayne Findlay radiated heavy metal goodness on guitar/keys. Scottish singer extraordinaire Doogie White howled and hummed his way through a rollicking set of UFO, MSG & Scorpions tunes and new music by the band on stage, Temple of Rock.

Actually met Doogie once back in '97, when Ritchie Blackmore cleared the Key Club up on Sunset for sound check before a Rainbow show -- including his band. We were hangin' with John Miceli and ended up sitting out back with the rest of the band while Ritchie tuned up. Doogie was hilarious. One of the stranger "rock and roll moments" of the many I've experienced.

It doesn't get much better for a hard rockin' child of the 70's & 80's, hearing & seeing such so much musical talent SO up-close and personal -- AND having the chance to capture the hard-rockin' proceedings with the Canon. Actually had to be careful not to get poked in the eye by Michael's many gorgeous, handcrafted Dean Flying V's...!

Scotsman Doogie White was up to the challenge with hard rock legends Michael Schenker, former Scorpions Francis Buchholz & Herman Rarebell Sunday night, alternately delivering Phil Mogg (UFO), Klaus Meine (Scorpions) and himself with apparent ease. One could make the case for some legend of his own. Golf clap...!

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