Concert Report by Olga
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock at the Rock Of Ages Festival, Rottenberg/Seebronn Fetplatz, Germany
August 1, 2015
Added on 08/05/2015

Hi Ritchie,

Michael headlined the festival on Saturday. It was great to see the full show in the evening after couple of short festival performances during the day. The stage was perfectly lighted and the sound was excellent, even in the front of the stage. The band was spot on. Seeing Graham Bonnet sharing the stage with Michael was a historical moment because Assault Attack is my favorite MSG album. Graham did "Desert Song", left the stage and came once more during the encore. He shared vocals on "Assault Attack" with Doogie. I liked the inside joke with the oversized lyric sheet he tried to fix to the stage. Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun. This was my favorite show with this line-up so far.

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