Concert Report by Anno
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock at the Rock Hard Festival, Germany
May 24, 2015
Added on 05/25/2015

Rock Hard Festival 24-05-2015 Gelsenkirchen Germany

Hi Ritchie
We left at 11:30 our home in Holland, and arrived at a drive of one and a half hour the amphitheater at Gelsenkirchen. To be honest one of the nicest places I've ever been!! That's why the old Romains invented the amphitheater, whereever you are, you could see the bands and listen to the music. Michael Schenker and the band arrived at 15:00 and at 15:30 we were standing in a row because there was a signing session with Michael Herman Francis Doogie and Wayne. Michael was smiling all the time, and he was very friendly to all of us. He signed my Msg related art of work (Tattoo). At 18:00 Michael and the band start playing, they were in a very good mood...smiling all the time and the maestro himself was playing on his six string like all hell break loose!! What a extraordinary guitar player is this man!! Doogie his voice was really good en focused on the game an entertainer at heart! Wayne as always they engine of the train and Francis the smiling bass player, just Having fun.. Herman was hitting his drums like never before ... he took the mic from Doogie to sing Rock you like a hurricane... and that is what it was, what I heard. A hurricane rolled over the amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen...Michael and his temple Of Rock Ruled that day!!

Greetings Anno-Esther-Richard

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Rock Bottom @ ROCK HARD Festival

Posted by Anno En Esther Arends

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