Concert Report by Georgiann
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock Shows at Concord Music Hall,Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
April 23, 2015
Added on 04/30/2015

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Concert Report by Cindy
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock Shows at Concord Music Hall,Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
April 23, 2015
Added on 05/02/2015

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Well, I'm finally going to post some pics from the Michael Schenker Group / Temple Of Rock concert that was in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday the 23rd. I just want to say, "Holy Somoly, what a night!" They were fantastic! Michael did some fantastic solos and boy is he looking good. He was being so personable with the audience. At the point where they were suppose to be done, Michael put down his guitar and came forward on the stage and stood there looking Impish. Hahaha! Doogie White said this is the part where we pretend to be done and you cheer and clap to get us to come back on stage, but we'll skip that and just play. You will have to do that to get Herman back out here, though. LOL! Then Herman came back out wearing a bright orange shirt and eeeeeeeeeew baby, they kicked butt!! Did some Scorps' songs. So who was really happy? ME, OF COURSE! Hahaha! I have to tell you, in the beginning of the show when I saw Herman and Francis come out, I started to cry cuz I was soooooo overwhelmed. Blubbering idiot, I know. I have always wanted to see Herman, Francis and Ralph Rieckermann. I've seen Michael a few times and the current Scorps. Unfortunately, I have never met any of them.☺

Anyway, because of the severe pain in my knees and back, I had to sit in a wheel chair for the concert cuz it was standing only. No seats. Originally, I was told I would have to be in the balcony due to the wheelchair. However, as I sat outside in line for awhile, and it was freezing I might add, some guy came and told us to follow him and they let us come inside. We were suppose to wait for them to let the others in and they were going to take us up in the elevator at that time, but they took us up to the 3rd floor before most were let in and to my surprise they took us over by the stage. WHAT???? Hahaha! I was tooooo psyched! No balcony for me!☺

There were already people standing along the entire stage except for the very last part of it to the right. Now who stands on that side of the stage? Michael, of course. LOL!!! Yay! There was a metal gait between us and the stage that came up to probably my mouth since I was sitting. And because everyone was standing to my left I really couldn't see much. I sat through the first 2 opening bands that way, but when Michael's band came on, out of frustration, I prayed really hard that God would, "part the red sea", for me and Holy Somoly, like a minute later people moved over and I could see from the middle of the stage and over to my right. Then this fat guy with a professional camera came and stood right in front of me against the stage and took a few pics, but then he just kind of parked himself there, totally blocking me. I was like, "REALLY!" So I prayed again and the security guard came up to him and told him he had to leave. Oooooooooooahahahahaha! My faith has increased in leaps and bounds! At the very end when the band left the stage, that same security guard gave me Michael's playlist. I never even asked for it. I was totally blown away! Oh, and I tried taking pics, but it was difficult down where there wasn't any oxygen. LOL! After getting frustrated, I handed the camera to my hubby and told him to make sure he got a pic of Herman, Frances and Michael, (although I have lots of pics of Michael from other venues), but then this girl tapped me on the shoulder and said if I wanted she would take my camera and take pics for me. I couldn't even believe it. So she did......lots! She said she got some video's, but I didn't see any.☺

Maybe she did it wrong. I wish I had asked her name, but I didn't. How nice was that of her? Wow! Anyway, what a night! Oh, and because I couldn't see all the way to the left, I didn't even know that Wayne Findlay was playing with them until the very end. Hahaha! One more thing, (I keep thinking of stuff, lol), watching them play, they seemed so at home with each other. So comfortable. Different then the other times I saw Michael with other band members. That is all for now. I know there is so much more and I will think about it after I hit post. Oh well. ☺♥

Here are a few of the pics. Enjoy, I know I did. 😉

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