Concert Report by Todd
MSG at Mulcahy's, Wantagh, NY
December 13, 2003

Added on 12/16/2003

This is a short review of the MSG Wantagh gig on Saturday 13th.

It was easier getting to Mulcahy's than I had thought it might be. Mulcahy's was every bit what I expected it to be as well, nice place. Not a particularly large venue, but it was the perfect size for the two or so hundred that came to see the show. Mulcahy's was decked out for christmas including three large trees along one wall.

Best of all, SITN'ers showed up. Ed, Grant from New Zealand, Gail, Gail's friend Carol, Tom, Ron and his girl (they met on the Internet believe it or not), Ed's other friend from Russia, some guys from Japan, this new SITN guy named John that is featured in many photographs, and me and many others fer sure.

The warmup band was good but the crowd did not fill in until later. When MSG did hit the stage, they sounded good. Chris is a great singer and the Reverand is wild and crazy and the other geetar player, who I think stole a solo from MS one time, and the drummer, was probably right on.

The song list was probably identical to the first few show reviews I saw. Since I was familiar with the earliest MSG stuff, I really enjoyed some of those takes on those songs. The spiderman songs were probably my second favorite of the night. Of course some classic UFO songs. MS played them like it was 1978, maybe it is, there is a lot of magic there, I felt a bit of that live, despite my constantly stepping out for a smoke.

Well, the Rev. was wild. I wish the bass was turned up real loud so as to feel it better. Typical sound for today's rock shows it seems, I'm not complaining too much. I spose it could have been louder, seems like the club turned up the volume after the band had finished playing. And then Amy was not there, oh well, just hope the best for the situation.

Great show, go if you can, get there! MS plays well if not better than I remember from 1995 and I suppose everybody kept their distance from him this time so he could play the way he wants to.

Glad to have met up with everybody, thanks. - Todd

Concert Report by Mitch Billeck
MSG at Mulcahy's, Wantagh, NY & Starland Ballroom, Sayerville, NJ
December 13 & 14, 2003

Added on 12/16/2003

Rather than write a long note, here are some quick notes on the NY (13th) and NJ (14th) shows:

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